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Artificial Intelligence & Sustainable Technologies

"Is it too late to get into machine learning and Artificial Intelligence?"
"What is the best way to learn AI?"
"How to build a sustainable future with technology?"

If you find yourself asking these questions, our Bachelor’s Degree in AI & Sustainable Technologies is the best next step in your professional future.

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Tuition Fee
€19.800 in total for 3 years
Scholarships and Funding
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The Program

Expertise in the field of AI is highly sought after. In this program you'll learn about topics from machine learning and natural language processing to expert systems and robotics.

Modern state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques, in particular, make it possible to gain insights from Big Data structures. This is where you come in — you'll become the AI and tech leader our future needs.

During the B.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Technologies you will gain a highly interactive and hands-on introduction to the most important, state-of-the-art Data Science techniques. That is, you will not just learn about the theories of concepts, methods, and techniques, but always apply them in practice. This helps you to conceptualize use-cases and internalize taught concepts.

Dr. Thomas Funke
Co-Founder & CEO
Maria Rivero
Learner & Admissions Manager
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Dr. Thomas Funke
Co-Founder & CEO
Maria Rivero
Learner & Admissions Manager

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