Bachelor of Arts

Sustainable Product Management

The B.A. in Sustainable Product Management starts with the principle that design is not “what a product looks like”, but “how it works”. It recognizes that design is a process and ensures you learn the knowledge and skills to set up and execute that process, as well as make it and its outcomes more sustainable.

The Program

From the start you will work on digital products for your very own venture or that of a company. You will be guided on your journey with a structured yet flexible framework.

The degree will equip you with the skills and knowledge you’ll need to take on the launch of a product and lead a multidisciplinary team in all aspects.

Build solid academic knowledge
  • Define a proper human-centered design process
  • Use principles from behavioral psychology to better understand users and customers
  • Assess and estimate the environmental impact of design work and digital products
  • Discover and evaluate current trends and developments in design and user experience
Practice-oriented to solve real-world problems
  • Set up a human-centered design process
  • Organize and strategically plan design efforts within a company
  • Estimate the ROI of design work
  • Measure user experience and usability
  • Conduct user research, for both, generative as well as evaluative research questions
Teamwork is the key to success
  • Collaborate with a variety of stakeholders on ideation, discovery, and refinement
  • Build and lead agile design teams

The B.A. in Sustainable Product Management will provide you with the techniques and tools that are currently essential in the professional practice of a product manager. Whether you want to develop your own product or make an impact in product management by helping another company you’ll leave the program prepared to manage and develop sustainable solutions.

Tuition Information

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Tuition Fee
€19.800 in total for 3 years
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October 2022
180 ECTS*
3 Years
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Career Outlook

The B.A. in Sustainable Product Management is an innovative program that will teach you the techniques and give you the tools that are currently essential in the professional practice of a product manager. At the end of the degree program, you will achieve a multidisciplinary profile that will allow you to access positions in any market and industry while making a sustainable impact.

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What you'll learn
Define product requirements and develop a positioning strategy
Discover who your customers are and what they want and need
Monitor the market and develop competitive analyses
Create financial plans and data-driven strategies to grow your product
Align stakeholders around the vision for the product
Manage a product team and run operational sprints
You could work as
Product Designer
UX / User Experience Designer
UI / User Interface Designer
Service Designer
CX / Customer Experience Designer
CX / Customer Experience Manager
Strategic Designer
Product Manager

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