Frequently Asked Questions
M.Sc. (CE) in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Technology
Our fully-accredited Master’s Degree in SET provides access to a world-class network via a remote-first learning environment. Learn the skills of the 21st-century to make an impact in the areas of sustainability, entrepreneurship, and technology.
Bachelor's Degree Programs
At Tomorrow University, our Bachelor's Degree programs blend entrepreneurship essentials like ideation, business planning, and marketing with cutting-edge tech skills in computer programming, machine learning, and robotics. This unique combination equips you to excel in both business and innovation. There are two distinct programs. See which one is for you.
Impact MBA in Sustainability, Innovation, and
This cutting-edge MBA initiative transcends conventional business education by seamlessly integrating sustainability principles, innovation strategies, and leadership development into a holistic curriculum. Get ready to shape a brighter future with our innovative approach to business education.
Impact Certificates
Impact Certificates offer accelerated 21st-century skill development in under three months. Our programs provide a balanced blend of theory and practice, offering a valuable learning experience from industry experts and peers.
Trial Challenges
Experience a one-of-a-kind opportunity for students, professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses, and anyone seeking to identify their personal mission and expand their knowledge in an intensive three-week timeframe.