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Solving With Data

With the increasing availability and diversity of data sources, companies across all industries and geographic locations strive to make data-driven, informed decisions to enhance their impact. In this challenge, you will attain hands-on experience in closely analyzing a dataset, and publishing powerful and informative visualizations that provide stakeholders with actionable insights. Through this process, you will learn to translate the language of data into the language of business. 

19th Sep - 9th Oct
(3 weeks)
2.5 weeks of engagement
+ 0.5 week for challenge submission
study module
Application deadline
14th of Sep
Limited seats, apply early
Program fee
€1000 Free
Limited spots are available for free. Only pay €100 deposit, which will be returned as soon as the challenge is completed.
7 milestones

What You'll Gain

Gain the business and technology skills that will help you build a successful career in a global company or innovative startup. Become an expert in data while growing your network in this intensive 3-week program.

Learn by doing
Experience real "learning by doing" in an international environment
Network and community
Engage your network and new global community to speed up your impact and get noticed
Receive guidance from industry leaders and mentors who are already thriving in successful careers
Grow your network with peers from around the world in a remote-first setting

What You'll Learn

The challenge is made up of seven milestones. Each of these steps has its own outcome and brings you closer to solving problems with data. By the end of the challenge, you´ll have conducted your own data research process and developed a well-designed problem definition based on the insights about your users. These competencies will help you to move to the next phase of developing your product.

Milestone 1: Setting the scene: industry, dataset, context

In this milestone, your task will be to select amongst a curated collection of datasets spanning a range of industries/sectors. Based upon this selection, you will create a profile of the company/organization to whom this dataset applies and define a) the target audience within the company/organization for presenting your data insights; b) how the data may affect company operations; and c) the optimal presentation format and structure, given (a) and (b).

Milestone 2: Laying the foundations

In this milestone, you will gain proficiency in Tableau, a widely-used data analysis cross-platform and visualization technology that enables users to publish data to the web. In addition, there will be a review of basic statistical techniques and concepts applied in the data analysis project phases.

Milestone 3: Getting to know your data: key features and trends

In this milestone, you will perform a high-level analysis of your dataset. What are the salient features? Any trends/patterns in the data that are not only of interest to you but could potentially offer crucial insights to a company? This exploratory phase will enable you to develop a research question for the project.

Milestone 4: Research question definition

After preliminary exploring the dataset, you should feel prepared to formulate a research question that's answered through further analysis. The focus for this milestone will be to determine a critical issue you wish to investigate and compile a list of supporting questions that will help you discover patterns in the data.

Milestone 5: Research question-driven data analysis

In this milestone, you will take a more fine-grained approach to examine your dataset, guided by the questions formulated in Milestone 4, and write a brief summary of your findings. Throughout this process, you may take the opportunity to iterate over these questions and refine/reframe them as necessary and create basic visualizations to assist with the analysis.

Milestone 6: Data visualization and publishing

A picture can be worth a thousand words. Therefore, based upon your Milestone 5 findings, you will produce and publish visually compelling (and easy-to-understand) visualizations.

Milestone 7: Pitch your insights

In this final milestone, you will have the opportunity to distill your insights into a brief, industry-targeted presentation. The goal will be not merely to inform but also to persuasively articulate your research findings in non-technical, business-oriented terms.

Who is This Program For

Open Challenge participants come from a variety of different professional and experiential backgrounds. The common thread is that they all want to make a sustainable impact and further their professional development.

You want to become a/an...
Business Intelligence Analyst
Product Manager
Marketing Manager

Open Challenges in a Nutshell

3-week online program
€100 tuition fee/refunded upon completion of the program
10–15h weekly workload
2.5 ECTS (transferable to the PM SET)
Limited cohort of 25 change makers
3 challenge discussions per week
Starts on: 19th of  September 2022
Slack community

Upon successfully completing the challenge, you'll receive a digital certificate that can be shared with your personal and professional networks.

Open Challenge
Starts on
Sep 19th

Here are some dates to keep in mind
during the application process.

Application deadline (limited seats)
until 14th of Sep 2022
Confirmation of participation
until 17th of Sep 2022
Challenge starts
on 19th of Sep 2022

"Data-driven problem solving fuels the industries and change-makers transforming the present and shaping the future. Attaining data analysis and visualization skills provides the foundations for excelling in data science-related professions and translating the language of data into the language of business."

Oliver Greuter-Vehn

Head of Product at ToU

"Getting a clear picture of the users’ needs is key for any successful product development process."

Markus Müller

Co-Founder at Stealth Startup

"Listen, observe, empathize and synthesize with your users — that’s where real innovation begins."

Gopika E.M.

Product Lead at TIER

As a user experience researcher, you have an important strategic function because you translate the needs of customers for product development and keep an eye on them in all design phases.

Lisa Nelhiebel

Product Designer at Taxfix

Sam Tymorek

Challenge Owner

"Data analysis is essential to make decisions and have an impact at scale. Without modern data acquisition tools and a competency for analyzing that data, the health of our world’s systems, both natural and human-made, is at peril."

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