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Event Recap: Banking for a Better Future with Inas Nuraldin of Tomorrow Bank

Sabrina Eder

The Online Community Events at ToU are here to provide space for inspiring talks, insightful discussions, and eye-opening stories. We continuously – around twice a month – invite guests who are industry experts, founders themselves, or have exciting journeys to tell. These events are offered to everyone, whether our students, the ToU community, or people interested in what we’ll discuss.

We had Inas Nuraldin, Founder and Managing Director at Tomorrow, for this first written recap with us. He shared with us the beginning of Tomorrow and how he had to quit his first self-built company after ten years to start something new.

Since, at that point, he wanted to tackle a significant challenge, a global problem, he started to occupy himself with global warming and the climate crisis. Along this journey, he figured that money was one of the main contributors to today's problems. It was and still is being put into the wrong funds for fossil fuels, weapon manufacturers, and many more.

By then, Inas knew that whatever he started: If he wanted to change the world, he needed scale and “to throw a better party than the ones destroying it.”

In 2017, he founded Tomorrow with his two Co-Founders, and today, the sustainable bank can count more than 100.000 clients. To improve the dusted image of banking, they dedicated themselves to continue working on the user experience and providing their clients with more than just services for transferring money: A more sustainable lifestyle!

Three of the most beneficial key insights he mentioned throughout the talk:

  • Especially if you’re working on an impact cause, be as transparent as possible — let your customers know what you’re doing and let them participate!
  • Don’t underestimate the governance of a company working on creating impact. Don’t let investors take away your control; try to stick to the cause.
  • Stop trying to become a unicorn and a zebra instead: They are real, enduring, and here to stay!

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Sabrina Eder

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