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The World is Our Campus: A Unique Combination of Remote-First Learning with Local Communities

Julia Rosner

Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences and Impact Hub Berlin partner to grow and empower a global community of purpose-driven creators to build a better tomorrow by giving learners access to over 100+ hubs around the world to meet and create.

Over the last few years, our flexibility increased and peaked during the pandemic, where entire companies worked remotely. Collaborating easily from around the globe was enabled by technology. All Universities went online and empowered students to learn from wherever they are. This flexibility shows the power we have to work and learn in new, more flexible ways together.

Yet the pandemic made many of us also experience how important it is to meet physically. We are social animals. We like to build relations in person. Feeling proximity and also experiencing the environment, and community.

Today, we know we need a combination of flexibility and personal contact. For learning and personal growth, the key is being able to work and learn wherever we are. Connecting locally. Enabling us to explore the world while growing continuously by having local home bases with Impact Hub.

At Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences, we build a “remote-first” learning community because we believe as one of our values in limitless flexibility for the learner. At the same time, we believe in the power of local communities, all around the world. Human connection, collaboration, and community are important aspects of our approach to better learning and more impact.

We are excited to announce the partnership of Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences and Impact Hub Berlin with the goal of making the world your campus.

Christian Rebernik, Founder of Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences, states the importance of building meaningful relationships and a relevant professional network:

"With Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences, we want to accelerate towards a sustainable society. To do this, we empower and educate change makers for a better tomorrow, today. Our students learn with intention, based on challenges and, within cohorts. They collaborate digitally on a global level. Yet we also want to provide the opportunity for our learners around the globe to deepen relations, build friendships and meet in person. By partnering with the Impact Hub Berlin community, ToU can provide a home-base for coworkers and learners to meet in person."

“Impact Hub Berlin is all about connecting, enabling, and inspiring people to create positive change, so we’re extra excited to welcome ToU as a community partner and their students to our network. This partnership ticks our box of empowering the next generation of impact entrepreneurs while bringing dynamic new voices into our space. We look forward to collaborating and shaking up education together!” –Maaike Hoogstede, Head of Community at Impact Hub Berlin

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Julia Rosner

Create a Better Tomorrow

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