Do you know someone who would be a match for one of our programs?

Share the impact and refer somebody to earn a Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree with us. Whether you are a current student or prospective student there are several options to receive a referral reward.

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Eligibility Criteria

Those referring someone (Referrer) must:

  • Be currently applying for, studying with, or an alumni of, a program delivered by, or in partnership with Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences.

Those being referred (Prospective Students) must:

  • Submit the name of the current student or ToU network connection who has referred them.
  • It’s allowed they previously enquired or applied for a program through ToU.

Share the Impact

As a current student, you can refer a friend or somebody from your network. You’ll each receive a €1.000 tuition credit.

As a prospective student, you are eligible to apply with a friend and you'll each receive €1.000 tuition credit upon acceptance into the program.

Referral Reward

€1.000 in a tuition reduction will only be applied to both the Prospective Student and the Referrer once the referred student has:

  • Enrolled on a program through ToU within 12 months of the initial referral.
  • Paid their first tuition installment/upfront fees.


  • Only programs offered through ToU are eligible for this offer
  • The offer is only open to prospective students referred by ToU current applicants, current students, and ToU alumni
  • The Refer a Friend program can be used in conjunction with other fee reductions (Prospective Students who intend to take advantage of a scholarship can apply for the offer or who are intending to use Student Finance to help fund their studies)
  • The Prospective Student must complete an online application form to express their interest in consideration as to their eligibility for the program
  • The referral application must be completed prior to enrollment
  • Any personal data relating to a Prospective Student will be used solely in accordance with current data protection legislation and will not be disclosed to a third party without consent
  • The country of residence of a Prospective Student will be determined by the address detailed on their original application
  • The Referrer shall be entitled to a referral payment worth €1.000 for a Prospective Student enrolled in a program where all clauses are satisfied
  • The Prospective Student will be entitled to a referred payment worth €1.000 where all clauses are satisfied
  • The payment for both the Referrer and Prospective Student will result in a tuition fee reduction to the same value or cashed out at the same value (for alumni and those who have no tuition fee open to be paid)
  • ToU reserves the right to withhold either the referral payment or the Prospective Student payment if any of the above clauses have not been met
  • No payment will be made if any debts are in arrears for either the Referrer or the Prospective Student

ToU reserves the right to change the format of the referral program, amend these terms and conditions or withdraw the referral program at any time. Notice of any changes will be on the ToU website. ToUs decision is final.

Do you know someone who would be a match for one of our programs?