Work-Study Program

The program offers paid work and internships that provide students with an opportunity to deepen their knowledge, strengthen their skills, explore how to translate their academic studies into daily jobs, and gain a fully-accredited degree for free.

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What is the ToU
Work-Study Program?

At ToU, we want to educate and empower the change makers of tomorrow and make it accessible to everyone. The combination between studying and working is not only providing the students with the best knowledge but by working for a company will deepen and practice their learned skills in real life.

ToU currently has three Bachelor’s Degree offerings:

Responsible Entrepreneurship
Sustainable Product Management
Artificial Intelligence & Sustainable Technologies
Why should I join the
Work-Study program?
The program is totally for free
Research shows that working an average of 15 to 20 hours per week will not hinder academic performance and will help promote success
Get the support and tools needed to develop proficiency in core competencies that will contribute to long-term personal and professional success and develop a capacity to lead
Gain access to local hubs and networking opportunities
How does the Work-Study
program work?

Students will be matched to companies based on expertise and desired outcomes for both parties. Challenge-based learning is at the center of the ToU learning method. Students learn by doing and gain the skillset and mindset to excel in professional atmospheres. What are the terms of the Work-Study program?

Students agree to work for an agreed time period during their Bachelor's studies. Subject to change based on the length of agreement.
The company will compensate the students work, which is used to finance their studies with ToU.
Students are matched by the ToU team based on their experience and the needs of the company to provide a mutually beneficial experience for both.

Am I eligible for
the Work-Study Program?

Matriculated Bachelor’s Degree students at ToU
Students who have an exceptional record of personal and professional experiences
The Work-Study Program can‌ last the entire duration of studies or start in the 2nd or 3rd years

For Partners

Access to hands-on and practice-oriented talents
Talents growth path supported by ToU
Company leads the design of the Work-Study experience

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