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Meetup Frankfurt 2024: Creating Growth For A New Era

Maria Birnbaum
Social Media Coordinator & Copywriter

At Tomorrow University, we believe that the path to a sustainable society begins within our community. Our mission is clear: to educate and empower our learners to effect positive change.⁠

Last week, learners from our growing community across Europe gathered in Frankfurt for a two-day meetup. This event provided a unique opportunity for members to connect, learn, grow, and have fun in person, parallel to our virtual learning journey. These meetups are essential for our community as they allow us to build relationships offline.

The theme for this meetup was "Creating Growth and Jobs for a New Era," it was all about navigating and shaping the dynamic landscape of professional opportunities and economic success.

The event was an amazing experience ...

🧡 with around 80 learners attending

🌱 alongside our Sustainability Stakeholders & Partners,

🎉 and countless moments of connection and inspiration.

We started our first day at Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt with an energetic welcome note from our founders, Thomas Funke and Christian Rebernik. This was followed by a keynote from Dr. Jan Gutenberg, Head of Sustainability at Deutsche Bank on the topic of sustainability, which set the stage for our mission.

Next, Linda Köpper from our partner neosfer shared some interesting insights on the IMPACT Festival and how to implement sustainability measures in event planning and management, such as serving only vegan food during the event.

The community got to test the Apple Vision Pro Headset during a break between our partner panels. We recently launched our Impact MBA Program in combination with the Apple Vision Pro, which is exclusively available in the US. After an exciting morning, we had lunch, mingled, and chatted. The energy was high as we moved on to the second part of our program—a deep chat led by our Sustainability Professor, Sami Asad. He helped our learners reconnect with their mission statements, which is a vital part of their learning journey at Tomorrow University. It serves as the North Star of their journey.

Lukas Hoyos, from our partner Rentenbank, hosted a workshop next on their Idea Camp, an initiative allowing founders to meet AgriFood experts. The Idea Camp is your chance to meet future shapers from the agri-food industry, exchange ideas with mentors, find co-founders, and win great prizes!

Last on the program for this day was an all-female panel featuring inspiring guests, including Marie Günther, Head of HR at Bosch, Carolina Yeo, Founder of &ahead, and Anna Kazmierczak, Seed investor at Plug and Play Tech Center, sharing the investor, founder, and corporate perspective on creating growth and jobs for a new era.

On the second day of our meetup, our community took over the stage to explore various topics. Louis Raschdorf discussed the three levels of communication, Flor Diniello shared insights on coaching and self-reflection, and Sami Asad led the final mission reconnection session. We thank all our learners, guests and partners for those energetic discussions and connections. It was a blast.

Do you want to be part of our Community? Learn more about the Tomorrow University Community here.

Mark your calendars! Our next meetup is set to take place in Vienna on May 17 & 18, 2024. Let's propel our commitment to sustainability forward together! 🚀⁠

A group of Tomorrow University students at the Meetup in Frankfurt, looking happy, smiling and taking a selfie.
Maria Birnbaum
Social Media Coordinator & Copywriter
Maria Birnbaum
Social Media Coordinator & Copywriter

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