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Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences is an accredited, remote-first institution redefining education. Driven by purpose, learners cultivate 21st-century skills in sustainability, entrepreneurship, and technology. Our vibrant community fosters empowerment and connection, ensuring each individual's success becomes our collective mission. At Tomorrow University, we measure our impact by the positive change our graduates bring to the world.

We empower & educate mission-driven individuals

We combine state-of-the-art learning science and technology to create flexible, accessible, and effective learning experiences that equip learners with our key ingredients for impact — purpose, capability, and community. Through continuous learning, application, and collaborative creation, we cultivate a mindset of growth and self-efficacy to expand our learners’ circle of influence and turn them into confident agents of change. We aim to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable society by revolutionizing education to learn differently and grow limitlessly to leave a lasting legacy on the world.

A young couple looking at a 3D printer in a room full of plants

Our learning principles


At our institution, we pride ourselves on being a community of lifelong learners. We have developed our program and curriculum to remain adaptable to the changing times. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to choose from an array of challenges inspired by real-life scenarios encountered in the business and entrepreneurial worlds. By engaging in these challenges, you will have the chance to apply, create, and master the competencies that are essential for building a better future.


All of our programs are designed to be fully remote. Our unique learning model emphasizes flexibility in the time required to demonstrate competency in a specific subject area, while maintaining a constant expectation for mastery. Rather than following traditional course structures, you will progress through a series of challenges that enable you to build competencies in real-time, customized to suit your individual learning needs.


Our cutting-edge technology is designed to guide you through the program, adapting to your individual needs and providing feedback from start to finish. The app customizes your learning experience by individually tailoring your goals as a learner within the program and your understanding of core competencies. As you progress through your studies, you will be able to track your learning progress visually, enabling you to remain focused on achieving your desired outcomes. Ultimately, this technology empowers you to take ownership of your learning experience and make it uniquely your own.


We use the concept of 'not yet' as a benchmark when a learner has yet to prove mastery of a challenge or competency. Instead of facing failure for not meeting a particular standard, you are given the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge until you achieve mastery. You can continue to submit your work until reviewers and experts believe that you have fully grasped the chosen concept. At ToU, we do not view this as failure, but rather as a continuous process of improvement with room for growth and progress.


We facilitate the creation of valuable connections among learners, resulting in immersive and productive remote learning experiences. With your cohort, mentors, and extensive global network, you will remain involved and connected through frequent live sessions, course discussions, and events. Our challenge-based approach to learning encourages collaboration and fosters 360° feedback from all participants, including peers, mentors, and vice versa, at all times.

Founders of
 Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences

A young male called Christian Rebernik, founder of Tomorrow University
Founder & Co-CEO

Christian Rebernik is our Co-CEO at Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences with 20+ years in tech and entrepreneurship. He is an investor, mentor, and also the founder of several other successful startups holding myriad C-roles in other Austrian and German-born ventures.

A young male called Thomas Funke, founder of tomorrow unviersity
Founder & Co-CEO

Academic and entrepreneur, Dr. Thomas Funke is our Co-CEO at Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences. Funke has always been an impassioned entrepreneur and also holds over 15 years of experience in the education sector.

Our accreditation portfolio

Our commitment to 21st-century education is highlighted by our pursuit of excellence and accreditation.

As an officially state-recognized private university in Germany, we are governed by the Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst (HMWK). To uphold the highest standards of academic rigor, each of our study programs has received additional accreditation from its respective governing authority.

Our Master in Science in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship & Technology is offered in partnership with the WU Executive Academy. In this partnership, the WU Executive Academy takes the academic lead and is - through WU Vienna - the degree awarding institution for the Master of Science in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship & Technology. Find more information on WU Executive Academy here.

Master of Science
Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Technology

Our Impact MBA program is accredited by Germany’s Accreditation Council through the Accreditation, Certification, and Quality Assurance Institute (ACQUIN), a reputable non-profit organization association comprising over 150 higher education institutions in Germany and abroad.

Impact MBA
Sustainability, Innovation, and Leadership

Our Bachelor's Degree programs are accredited by Germany's Accreditation Council (Akkreditierungsrat) through the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBBA). This accreditation affirms the academic excellence of our programs and underscores our dedication to delivering high-quality education and earning the trust of learners and the academic community.

Bachelor of Arts
Responsible Entrepreneurship & Management
Bachelor of Science
AI & Sustainable Technologies

As a university specializing in distance learning programs, securing accreditation from ZFU (Zentralstelle für Fernunterricht) is of utmost importance. ZFU's primary focus is on consumer protection, guaranteeing the integrity of our student contracts and fees. ZFU scrutinizes these elements to ensure our learners receive transparent and fair terms when enrolling.

Bachelor of Arts
Responsible Entrepreneurship & Management
Bachelor of Science
AI & Sustainable Technologies

University Council

Meet the members of the University Council, consisting of renowned tech entrepreneurs, operators,
and investors who have supported ToU in creating the university for a better tomorrow. Learn more about them on our blog.

"Can you still use the knowledge from your studies today? I can't. Isn't that terrible? You invest 3, 6, or even more years for a degree on paper, but are practically unable to survive in the real world. I never felt like my skill set paid off in solving real problems. Tomorrow University wants to change that. It's about making our generation and the next generations fit to tackle the really big issues of our society. Since education is the key to our future, Tomorrow University will be one of the foundations. Being on the University Council to work on this vision is an honor for me."

Céline Flores Willers
CEO & Founder at The People Branding Company

"We are at a turning point in learning and teaching that we have never experienced in 1.000 years. Tomorrow University of Applied Science offers an online environment that prepares you for the big challenges in the future. I'm excited to support the University Council to constantly develop the best learning journey for every student."

Daniel Jung
CEO & Founder at Daniel Jung Media GmbH

“Our world has never had a greater need for people with the capacity and the courage to think and act critically and creatively. And there is no shortage of evidence to conclude that learning how to do so is the most important skill we humans can acquire, no matter what we choose to do in our lives. This conclusion is at the core of Tomorrow’s University’s mission and why I am honored to serve on the University Council.”

Eliot Gattegno
Academic Program Director & Digitial Education Visionary

“Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences is one of the most innovative and ambitious projects in the global EdTech space. I am very excited to be able to contribute my experience and global perspective.”

Dr. Kai Roemmelt
CEO & Board Member at Udacity

“I’m thrilled to be joining the Tomorrow University Council as I am a firm believer in the continuous lifelong learning that Tomorrow champions. Marrying a growth mindset and technology will be key to building the sustainable future the world needs.”

Adeola Ogunwole
Senior Director at sennder

“I am honored to serve on the Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences University Council to bring optimism, the right tools, and mindset to a new generation of creators who can shape the future together.”

Stephanie Kaiser
CPO at DigitalService

"Solving the big challenges ahead needs entrepreneurial minds and innovative action, instant communication and trustful cooperation around the globe, as well as mission-driven people creating the learning space where entrepreneurial minds are empowered and encouraged to get it done. As challenge-based learning is at the core of Tomorrow University, it is a real honor to get the chance to contribute to the co-creation of the university of tomorrow by joining the council of Tomorrow University."

Reinhard Prügl
Scientific Director at Zeppelin University

"With over 25 years of experience in academia and academic management, my passion isteaching and designing learning journeys. In our collaboration with Tomorrow University we are doing exactly that — creating learning journeys that put the ‘right’ knowledge and network in the hands of the ‘right’ people — who have nothing less in mind than changing the world by tackling the big societal challenges — I am proud to see our collaboration unfolding its potential! To many more years..."

Barbara Stöttinger
Dean WU Executive Academy

"The world is changing rapidly, and transformation in education has been overdue for much too long: tomorrow, the university is a lighthouse in professional education and uniquely positioned to redefine how universities work, feel, and perform for students globally. I am passionately committed to contributing to its success with experiences and perspectives from 30 years in marketing, sales and organizational development in fast-paced growth businesses."

Oliver Busch
Board Advisor, Non-Executive Director

"In our rapidly changing world, the essence of education extends far beyond traditional learning. With decades of experience across the educational landscape, I believe in the profound impact of education to not just transfer knowledge, but to transform lives. Our goal is to nurture resilient leaders and innovative entrepreneurs ready to tackle global challenges. Through a holistic and adaptive learning approach, we empower students to lead with integrity and vision, preparing them to turn possibilities into realities. Education is our most powerful tool for positive change, shaping the future one student at a time.”

André von Malotki
Founder & CEO Braintrust Education