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A Global University Designed for Impact

Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences* founded by Christian Rebernik and Dr. Thomas Funke announced its start in 2021 with the vision to empower and educate 1 million change makers and leaders committed to creating a better tomorrow by 2030.

We deliver cohort-based accredited degree programs designed to teach learners the most in demand skills and competencies of the 21st century in the areas of sustainability, entrepreneurship, and technology. We base our active learning model on the newest scientific research and methodological studies. Learners experience fast-paced bite-sized lessons and apply practical knowledge to real-life scenarios in what we call challenge-based learning. Under the guidance of leading experts and mentors, individuals master the core competencies needed for positive societal impact and career success. We provide a world-class network of experts in a remote-first learning environment enabling flexible learning from anywhere in the world.


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* Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences is in the process of accreditation.