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ToU is committed to involving faculty, learners, and members of the university administration in its decision-making through strong democratic and inclusive processes. There are two primary governing bodies: the Executive Committee and the Academic Senate.

Executice Committee

Academic Senate

University Council

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee manages the university. Its central tasks are the preparation and follow-up of ToU’s governing bodies and committee decisions, operational management, and the development and implementation of strategies for the further development of the university. It also works to ensure that the other university bodies, committees and officials perform their duties properly and that the members and staff of the university fulfill their obligations. It submits an annual report to the Academic Senate.

The members of the Executive Committee include:
Founding President
Dr. Thomas Funke

Dr. Thomas Funke is acting as the Founding President. The President heads the Executive Committee and is responsible for the orderly operation of the university. He represents the university externally and determines the guidelines for the execution of tasks. He supervises the academic staff, initiates the advertisement for professorial positions and makes personnel proposals for the appointment committee. He appoints professors in accordance with the appointment regulations.

Christian Rebernik

Christian Rebernik is acting as the university Chancellor. The Chancellor heads and coordinates the university administration and supervises the non-academic staff. He is responsible for the operational implementation of the university's strategic goals, economic and administrative tasks, occupational health and safety, and IT matters.

Vice President of
Teaching & Learning
[To be appointed...]
[To be appointed...]

The Vice President for Teaching & Learning teaches and delivers ToUs study programs and proposes lecturers and teaching staff to the Executive Committee for employment. He/she coordinates the implementation of teaching activities in accordance with the study and examination regulations, develops proposals for new teaching concepts, coordinates the evaluation of teaching activities, develops proposals for updating study and examination regulations in consultation with the professors, coordinates the program directors, and develops proposals concerning necessary investments in the teaching activities.

Vice President of Research
[To be appointed...]
[To be appointed...]

The Vice President of Research is responsible for research activities across the university and in the existing study programs. He/she develops ToUs research strategy and goals, develops proposals for third-party funding applications, defines and establishes KPIs and quality assurance measures for research, evaluates research activities, coordinates research activities, and develops proposals regarding necessary investments for research activities.

Director for University
Strategy & Development
Dr. Wiebke Lamer

The Director for University Strategy & Development leads ToUs quality assurance activities, including the implementation and coordination of accreditation processes, and advises the Executive Committee in the implementation of the strategic goals of the university.

Academic Senate

The Academic Senate makes decisions on academic matters. It passes university regulations, elects the president and the members of the Executive Committee, and provides input into issues relating to the introduction, modification and cancellation of study programs, learning content and processes, the budget and academic staffing.

ToU is currently transitioning from a Founding Senate, made up of five external professors, to the establishment of an Academic Senate, which will represent the voices of all university stakeholders: professors and academic staff, learners, non-academic staff and the Executive Committee. The newly formed Academic Senate is expected to take up operations in the first quarter of 2023.

In addition, the university is supported by the University Council

Members of the University Council include the Executive Committee as well as external professors and representatives from outside the university from the fields of business, politics, culture and public life. The University Council advises the university on matters such as course planning, university development, knowledge and technology transfer. The activity in the University Council is an honorary activity.

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