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Our community serves as a melting pot, drawing individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and life experiences, uniting them under a common goal: making a substantial and sustainable impact on a global scale. Through the power of connectivity, we foster growth and learning within our community. This growth is nurtured through a myriad of online experiences, engaging events, and insightful meetups that transcend geographical boundaries, allowing us to collectively work towards a more sustainable and impactful future. Learn more about our community on our YouTube channel.

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Through our Slack community, you'll be connected to both your own cohort of learners and learners from prior cohorts. We've created a collaborative environment where learning is constantly taking place and ideas are shared.

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Instantaneous support

Our team is always on call. We offer instantaneous tech support, making sure your learning experience happens seamlessly.


We organize in-person meetups and course discussions for you to complement your online learning experience, providing you with the opportunity to meet your peers in person.


ToUs approach is to mentor and guide learners with industry experts who are making a sustainable impact through their careers and ventures, and want to help learners do the same. Through challenge-based learning and the knowledge of leaders, learners can bring their big ideas to life. This is why mentorship is an essential element at ToU.

Exposes you to new ideas and ways of thinking
Gain advice on developing strengths and overcoming weaknesses
Guidance in your professional development and advancement
Increased visibility and recognition in new networks
The opportunity for you to develop new skills and knowledge
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Experience personal and professional growth by learning, networking, and collaborating with industry experts and change-makers who are making a positive impact on the future. Participate in our events focused on personal and professional development and attend information sessions to gain insights into our programs.

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Community challenges

Our community hosts challenges that encourage challenge-based learning and its benefits. We also organize challenges for non-enrolled individuals, fostering fresh perspectives and making a significant impact.
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Build your future

Explore our Bachelor's Degree programs, where our interdisciplinary approach ensures you earn a well-rounded education and experience.
Bachelor's Degrees
Bachelor's Degrees

Create impact at scale

Discover our fully-accredited Master of Science (Continuing Education) in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Technology (SET).
Master's Degree
Master's Degree