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Unleashing Equality: Kristin Banse's Impactful Journey in Esports

Dr. Desirée Schatzl
Professor of Sustainability & Entrepreneurship

Discover the inspiring journey of Kristin Banse, a Berlin-based advocate for equality in the esports and gaming industry. Formerly TikTok's Gaming Partnership Manager, Kristin's passion for learning and love for gaming propelled her to break barriers and excel in a male-dominated field.

Through her journey, she has inspired others to embrace their potential and challenge stereotypes. Let's explore Kristin's remarkable path, the value she found at Tomorrow University as a Bachelor's Degree learner, and the advice she has for us.

Kristin Banse, a learner enrolled in the B.A. in Responsible Entrepreneurship Degree program and avid advocate for diversity in the esports and gaming industry.

Unleashing her potential

Kristin's remarkable journey began with a love for learning and a clear vision. Coming from a working-class background, she overcame financial and social barriers that hindered her access to university after her GSCEs. Undeterred, Kristin pursued vocational training in esports journalism, turning her passion for gaming into a career. Little did she know that the obstacles she encountered would fuel her determination and shape her entire life. Her rare expertise in this niche field propelled her into one of the few influential women in the industry. The challenges Kristin faced and the resilience she developed have shaped her into an empathetic and determined individual. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of pursuing one's passions, defying societal expectations, and advocating for equal opportunities in education and the esports industry. 

Breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity in esports and gaming, Kristin advocates for diversity in the industry.

A voice for change

Kristin's journey was not without its challenges. In a male-dominated industry where gender stereotypes persist, she encountered prejudices and misconceptions. Yet, instead of succumbing to the pressure, she fearlessly championed diversity and equality. Through founding high-impact initiatives like the esports mentoring program at the ESBD (eSport-Bund Deutschland), she bridged connections between marginalized groups and industry professionals, fostering a more inclusive gaming landscape. As part of the council of the Equal Esports Initiative (as part of the Esport Player Foundation), Kristin strives to bring more female gamers into professional esports, enabling them to live their passion and serve as role models. Alongside, she embarks on an exciting venture centered around mentoring and education. Her tireless advocacy seeks to bridge the gender gap, empower women, and inspire the next generation of gamers. In her words:

"Equality is not just a goal; it is essential for the industry's growth and sustainability."

Kristin leading the diversity mentoring program at the ESBD (eSport-Bund Deutschland).

Embracing new horizons

Recently, Kristin bid farewell to her role as TikTok's Gaming Partnerships Manager, concluding a chapter of personal growth, exceptional human interaction, long-lasting impact, and notable achievements. Her time at TikTok allowed her to leverage the platform's vast reach, promoting meaningful content and empowering diverse voices to foster equality and diversity. While her next venture remains shrouded in secrecy, anticipation swirls as she embarks on a solo European journey, seeking inspiration and preparing to make her mark on her dream company — a venture that promises to drive further positive change. We stay curious.


Igniting change at Tomorrow University

Amidst her transformative journey, Kristin discovered Tomorrow University — a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Immersed in a community of like-minded change makers, she witnessed firsthand the power of shared missions. The online university provides her with a platform to expand her network, challenge her goals, and connect with individuals who share her passion for equality. Inspired by the collective dedication of her peers, Kristin's horizons broadened, fueling her commitment to creating a more inclusive and sustainable future for all. This remarkable step is made even more extraordinary as Kristin is the first in her family to access university education, defying expectations and paving the way for future generations. 


A gift from Kristin to future leaders

When asked to share her advice to aspiring change makers, Kristin's message rings loud and clear: believe in yourself unconditionally. Refuse to be limited by the doubts and limitations imposed by others. Embrace your uniqueness, challenge the status quo, and forge your own path. With determination and resilience, anything is possible. In Kristin's words:

"Your dreams should know no bounds. Embrace the journey, and let your passion be the compass that guides you towards creating a positive impact in the world."

“Believe in yourself, keep your goals high, and fight for your mission.” Kristin's advice for future change makers.

Connect with Kristin on LinkedIn.

Dr. Desirée Schatzl
Professor of Sustainability & Entrepreneurship
Dr. Desirée Schatzl
Professor of Sustainability & Entrepreneurship

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