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Learning Communities — 3 Ways Learning in a Community Drives Impact

Laurel Martello

Learning communities — 3 ways learning in a community drives impact

How does learning in a community drive success and create a long-lasting impact?

Learning communities bring people together with common goals and motivations — this shared initiative leads to creating impact at scale.

When learners come together from diverse backgrounds and have a common mission, change is not only possible but inevitable.

Cohort driven-learning, or learning that happens in small focused groups of individuals, together with a passionate community of mentors, experts, and methods, is the recipe for success.

So why learn in a cohort with the support of a dedicated community?

Learning Communities at Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences

1. Diversity of thought and experience

With a variety of experiences and backgrounds to learn from, innovation and creativity can take alternative forms. Whether you're a designer, engineer, or marketer — there's plenty that can be learned and adapted from other skill sets. You’ll find that in a learning community, your weaknesses are somebody else's strengths and you'll progressively improve upon them as you work, study, and grow together.  

2. Networking and lifelong connections

Networking allows individuals to grow and build on one another's achievements and expertise. Founding and nurturing mutually beneficial connections leads to developing new skills and gaining access to the resources that will foster personal and professional growth. Maybe you’re looking for somebody to partner within the founding of your next venture or seeking valuable friendships with people who share your goals — either way, learning communities are where networking thrives and connections are made.

3. Collaboration and ideation support 

Collaborative environments support the generation of ideas. Being able to exchange information about experiences and current goals is at the core of learning communities. You may have your personal mission statement and vision set, or maybe you're not there yet. Learning communities encourage sharing information, spreading ideas, and developing within your sphere of influence. 

How does the learning community work at ToU?

The community exists wherever you are. While we’re a remote-first institution, you'll be able to participate in select in-person events and meetups. We also offer in-person collaboration through membership to over 100 Impact Hubs, spanning 5 continents with over 15,000 members. How does adding thousands of change makers to your network sound?

Meetup in Frankfurt at TechQuartier

Learning communities are at the center of the Tomorrow mission, we accept applicants from around the globe and from a variety of backgrounds. Our learning community is currently filled with our master’s students, industry experts, academics, and mentors. We’ll soon be welcoming undergraduates and are looking forward to further expanding the reach and diversity of the community. 

As part of our dedication and belief in creating a learning community, we encourage you to apply with a friend and share the learning experience with valued members of your network. You’ll each receive a €1.000 tuition reduction by signing up together.

Book a call to speak with our team, and mention you’re interested in joining our learning community with somebody from your network.

Laurel Martello

Create a Better Tomorrow

Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences students

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