Invest in Your Future: Financing Your Bachelor's Degree

With our flexible tuition model, we offer various payment options and financial assistance opportunities to suit your needs. Download our brochure to learn more about our Bachelor of Arts in Responsible Entrepreneurship & Management and our Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Technologies.

Payment options

At Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences our mission is to make education as accessible as possible. That's why we offer a range of flexible payment options and scholarship opportunities to help you achieve your goals. Speak with us today and let us help you finance your learning journey.

Download our brochure to explore all payment plans and funding opportunities.

A payment option plan for the 180 ECTS Bachelor program
180 ECTS
From €271/month
Before reductions
36 Months
60 Months
After Early Bird + Scholarship
36 Months
60 Months

Bachelor's Degree Scholarships

We offer four scholarships based on merit, need, and professional background, with grants up to €2,000, compatible with Early Bird tuition reductions. Apply for both the program and scholarship simultaneously, following our standard application deadlines.

Contact our Admissions team for assistance in finding the best fit for your background.

Scholarship amount: €2.000
Sustainability Impact Scholarship

This scholarship is for individuals who have a strong passion for sustainability and are committed to driving environmental and social change in their respective organizations and industries through responsible business leadership. It's designed to support Bachelors candidates who aim to become sustainability champions in their careers.

Scholarship amount: €2.000
Future Founders Scholarship

This scholarship is tailored to individuals who demonstrate the potential for innovative thinking and are ambitious to transform the business landscape. It aims to encourage those with a visionary mindset to take the first steps toward launching their venture. It inspires those working within organizations to innovate and drive sustainable business developments.

Scholarship amount: €2.000
Global Diversity Scholarship

Focused on closing the opportunity gap across the disciplines of sustainable business and technology management, this scholarship supports traditionally underrepresented talents, including the LGBTQIA+, individuals from Black, Asian, traveler and mixed heritage, as well as neurodiverse backgrounds, to bring diverse voices to these innovative fields.

Scholarship amount: €2.000
Academic Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship is designed for high-achieving candidates with an exceptional academic record. Applicants who have maintained outstanding academic performance for the last three years, as evidenced by a strong GPA or equivalent in their grading system, are eligible to apply.

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Our Bachelors programs are eligible for early application tuition reduction - which is also compatible with our scholarships!

Check our application deadlines to make sure you apply on time for these opportunities to save on your tuition.

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Save time & money: transfer your previous university credits to Tomorrow University

At Tomorrow University we offer a streamlined process to transfer credits that you earned as part of a previous, unfinished university degree. For each transferred credit your overall tuition fee will be reduced. Our policy allows us to recognize up to half of your Tomorrow University degree program's ECTS credits, depending on the subject and study content of your previous studies.

For our Bachelor’s programs we can recognize up to 90 ECTS credits, and offer a tuition fee reduction of 30€ for each recognized ECTS credit.

This process not only results in substantial savings and lets you reach your goals faster, but it also acknowledges your previous academic efforts. Contact us today to learn how you can transfer your previous university credits to Tomorrow University.

Income share agreement

How can income share agreements be advantageous? With an income share agreement (ISA), students can secure funding for their higher education expenses while they are still enrolled, and then pay back the amount using a fixed percentage of their income once they have completed their studies. The specific terms of repayment, including the duration of repayment and percentage of income, are established at the time of signing the ISA. If you're interested in learning more about the potential benefits of an ISA, you can schedule a call with our Admissions Team.

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BAföG state funding

BAföG stands for more equal opportunities in the German higher education system. With BAföG, the German state supports initial training at vocational schools, colleges, academies, and universities. Since the BAföG reform of 2022, more people are entitled to BAföG. The maximum amount of support that students can get is now €934/month.

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Collective Impact Referral Program

Would you like to study with a member of your network or suggest one of our programs to a friend? If you do, both you and your referral could qualify for a €500 tuition reduction. To learn more about our referral program, please click on the link below.

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Tax refund

By deducting your study fees as "income-related expenses," you have the potential to save a substantial amount of money. Depending on your country of residence and income level, you may be eligible for a refund of up to €5.000. To learn more about this opportunity and how it can benefit you, please schedule a call with us.

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Tuition Example

Have a look at a final tuition example. After applying by Early-Bird deadlines, applying for a scholarship, or even referring a friend it's possible to receive a substantial tuition credit.

Super Early-Bird
Final tuition after credit

Secure your future: invest in yourself today

We are dedicated to promoting accessibility and inclusivity, and thus, we strongly encourage all applicants to apply for both early application credit and at least one scholarship opportunity. We recognize that selecting an undergraduate program can be a significant step towards shaping your future, and we are committed to assisting you in this process. To learn more about our diverse financing options, including the possibility of combining certain offers, please schedule a call with us.

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