Master skills in specific fields rapidly with short courses.

About Trial Challenges
Trial Challenges are intensive 3-week programs, each worth 5 ECTS, fostering on highly specialized skills. Designed for flexible, self-paced learning, they offer a blend of theory and practice, allowing you to balance work and study seamlessly. Benefit from industry-leading speakers guiding you towards specific goals. Plus, they can count towards our Bachelor's, MBA or Master's Degree programs or Certificate Programs, fostering a lifelong learning journey with us.

Special offer: Use the code TRYTOU2024 to join any Challenge for free until July 1st, 2024 (instead of 100€).

Who participates in a Trial Challenge?

You are starting your studies...
You want to start your education with us, but want to see if the challenge-based learning method is the right fit for you. Get your feet wet and experience a revolutionary approach to learning.
You are in your career...
You want to acquire new skills but don’t want to commit to a full degree program. The flexibility and duration of each open challenge work with your schedule as you upskill.
You are an experienced professional...
You’re already studying with ToU but want to speed up your impact and build your network. Develop valuable connections with people from all around the world during an intensive period that will complement your studies.