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Apply for an exclusive Valentine's Scholarship 💖

Maria Birnbaum
Social Media Coordinator & Copywriter

This Valentine's Day, we're celebrating a different kind of love - our love for Planet Earth! 🌍💚 ⁠⁠

With our planet as our only Valentine for 2024, we're excited to announce the "B My Valentine Scholarship" – an initiative dedicated to those who share our passion for caring for our Planet Earth.⁠⁠

We're offering two exclusive €3,000 scholarships for each Bachelor's and MBA programs. Are you motivated to join us on our mission to build a better tomorrow? These scholarships are designed for you!⁠

How to apply for the “B My Valentine Scholarship”?

1. Choose your program

2. Share with us how you express your love for the planet, whether through a project, a business idea, or a personal endeavor. Submit your entry by sending us a direct message (DM), uploading a video message to the application form, or sharing a post or video on social media and tagging us. 500 words or a few minutes of extending your appreciation for our Planet and telling us how you are showing it, makes you already eligible.

3. Regardless of the method, make sure to register your interest in the application form and provide evidence of your love message.

Terms & Conditions

To apply, express your love for the planet and stand a chance to win! If you're passionate about making a positive impact on the business world and participating in environmentally-friendly initiatives, don't miss this opportunity.

Please note that the Valentine's Scholarship cannot be obtained in addition to a regular scholarship; it cannot be stacked on top of each other.

Applications are accepted until February 16th only, and winners will be announced and contacted on February 19th. Winners can apply for any intake of the Bachelor or MBA programs in March, May, September, or November 2024

Let's spread love in the most impactful way! ⁠🌍💚⁠

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Maria Birnbaum
Social Media Coordinator & Copywriter
Maria Birnbaum
Social Media Coordinator & Copywriter

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