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Celebrating Change Makers: Tomorrow University's First Graduating Class Leaves a Sustainable Impact

Laurel Martello
Content Marketing & Social Media Manager

Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences and the WU Executive Academy honored the first graduating class, with 24 change makers handing in their thesis.

The graduation culminated in the learners' hard work and mission-driven dedication throughout the Professional Master's Degree program in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Technology.

The learners' theses focused on a wide range of topics, all aimed at making a sustainable impact on our world. With a focus on practical application through challenge-based learning, they were encouraged to think innovatively and creatively, finding solutions to global challenges and fostering sustainable development across industries. 

Tomorrow University's First Graduating Class of 2023

Barbara Stöttinger, Dean of the WU Executive Academy

Meet the graduates

The class comprised a diverse group from around the globe who showcased their commitment to making a difference in their theses, impactful ventures, and personal lives.

Dr, Thomas Funke, Co-Founder & CEO of Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences

Eilecia Bovard, Learner and Co-Founder of The Perfect Farm

Each of these change makers has embarked on diverse and impactful career paths after completing the Professional Master's Degree program. Max Elster, who joined ToUs first intake, became the Founder of Minoa, a startup in the US that is dedicated to revolutionizing eco-friendly packaging solutions. James Barret founded MyGoodbyes, a startup focused on creating meaningful and sustainable ways to say farewell to loved ones, driven by his passion for social impact. Eilecia Bovard and Niklas Bøe co-founded The Perfect Farm, an initiative to promote sustainable agriculture practices. Stefan Papp's vision of a greener future led to the creation of GreenTech Generations, a startup working on eco-friendly technology solutions. Anthony Obiri-Yeboah partnered with Alev Candan to establish Charity Network International, an organization focused on driving sustainable charitable initiatives.

(Left to right) Barbara Stöttinger, Christof Miska, Khalifa Almeqbaali, Dr. Thomas Funke, Christian Rebernik

James Barrett, Graduate and Founder of MyGoodbyes

The graduates showcased the various opportunities the program unlocked for them. Some successfully switched careers, like Lara Dodd, who embraced sustainability practices in her role in a Project Management Office at DB. Jan Lukas Eckel joined Accenture as a Consultant, bringing sustainable solutions to global clients. Lena Schmidberger started as a Consultant at UnternehmerTUM, contributing to sustainable entrepreneurship initiatives.

ToU Founding Club

Others chose to advance in their careers with a sustainability focus. Lisa Zimmer became Team Lead (Tech), spearheading the integration of sustainable technologies. Mark Kretschmer took on a leadership position as Country Lead, driving sustainability efforts in his organization. Tim Singer assumed the role of a Security Specialist, ensuring sustainable practices are integrated into security protocols.

Isabel Sum, Graduate and Co-Founder of Arinto

However, some graduates decided to continue their impact within their current positions. Clement Hintner remains a Project Lead at Aktion Mensch, promoting sustainable social projects. Lucca Richard Segner continues his advocacy for sustainable policies while working at the ministry. Overall, the graduates have demonstrated a commitment to sustainability in various industries and have substantially contributed to creating a more sustainable future.

Graduate, Lucca Richard Segner

(Left to right) Martina Marinovic, Marina Bopp

The change makers of tomorrow 

Tomorrow University's first graduation ceremony at WU Executive Academy in Vienna was a testament to the power of education and sustainable entrepreneurship. The learners of the Professional Master in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Technology program proved that with dedication, innovation, and collaboration, we can create a better future for future generations.

ToU Founding Club Together with Co-Founder & CEO, Christian Rebernik

As these graduates embark on their respective journeys, they carry with them the values instilled by Tomorrow University, committed to making a sustainable impact in every aspect of their lives. With such bright minds dedicated to sustainability and entrepreneurship, the future holds great promise for a more sustainable and equitable world. Congratulations to this class of graduates and future classes who will follow in their footsteps.

Congratulations to the change makers: Jan Lukas Eckel, James Barrett, Max Elster, Tim Singer, Khalifa Almeqbaali, Clemens Hinter, Lara Dodd, Stefan Papp, Lucca Senger, Lena Schmidberger, Lisa Zimmer, Veendapi Tedvik, Isabel Sum, Niklas Hagenbeck, Vanessa Tunn, Anthony Obiri-Yeboah, Pooja Mathur, Christoph Pemp, Marnie Nyenhuis, Marina, Sarah Bopp, Martina Marinovic, Pascal Pieper, Kristina Suchan, Tanja Maria Aichholzer

Laurel Martello
Content Marketing & Social Media Manager
Laurel Martello
Content Marketing & Social Media Manager

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