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Event Recap: A Journey into Automation and AI with Pascal Weinberger

Sabrina Eder

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In our recent online community event, we had the pleasure of hosting Pascal Weinberger, the CEO and Co-Founder of During an enlightening 1-hour session, participants had the opportunity to delve into the world of automation and AI by tapping into Pascal's knowledge and experience.

Pascal’s story is far from conventional. He started teaching himself how to code using GitHub when he was younger. It taught him how to build things quickly and from there he decided to stay on a tech-oriented path, working at Telefónica before eventually co-founding with his co-founder three years ago. Their company offers a user-friendly automation and AI tool, empowering individuals to streamline their everyday workflows.

When it comes to automation's impact on the job market, Pascal believes that change is inevitable! There will always be changes and it’s all about re-educating ourselves and the willingness to adapt and switch career paths. While AI and automation will undoubtedly replace some white-collar positions, they also pave the way for new industries and opportunities to emerge.

Pascal draws inspiration from multiple sources, including itself, his role as an angel investor, and his social environment, which by now is primarily focused on the start-up world. He mentioned two recommendations on where to look for information about AI and automation: Alpha Signal and Ben’s Bites (AI writing about AI!).

Did you miss the discussion? Here are three of the most beneficial key insights Pascal our learners took from the talk:

  • If you’re looking for a Co-Founder, really think about who that person should be — it’s a commitment and your best friends are not necessarily the best Co-Founders!
  • Low-value work is actually the one where technology still struggles the most to replace the connected tasks — picking up products by hand can be tougher than we might think for a roboter’s hand!
  • If you’re looking for sub-industries where Pascal sees huge potential for the future, don’t look further than education and AI, hardware enabling technologies and quantum computing!

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Sabrina Eder
Sabrina Eder

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