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Full-Degree Program Info Event

Maria Alejandra
Admissions Manager & Master's Degree Learner

Eager to create a meaningful impact and discover how our full-degree programs can help you achieve it?

Explore our programs and join our global community at our upcoming program deep-dive event! Secure your spot right here.

Discover Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences (ToU), the pioneer in remote-first learning experiences. Unlike traditional universities adapting to the digital age, ToU is the first EdTech university designed exclusively for remote learning. Our innovative approach isn't about simply moving traditional classes online; we've completely reimagined education from the ground up, leveraging cutting-edge technology for an interactive online environment. Meet the Admissions Team, Academics, and learner community.

Connect with the ToU community

Engage with our mission-driven community of current learners and alumni who will share their transformative journeys and experiences with you. Whether you're a prospective student or simply curious, gain valuable insights from those who have navigated the ToU experience.

Impactful programs

Discover the programs that prepare you for the future at Tomorrow University. Here are some highlights you can explore during our full-degree program deep-dive:

  • Impact MBA in Sustainability, Innovation, and Leadership
  • Master of Science in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Technologies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Responsible Entrepreneurship & Management

What to expect

  • Insightful presentations by our Admissions Team on our mission and innovative learning approach.
  • Exploration of our diverse program offerings, including Master's, MBA, and Bachelor's Degree programs.
  • Connection with our vibrant community of learners and alumni.
  • Guidance from our Admissions Team on application processes and funding options.

Don't miss this chance to explore Tomorrow University and embark on your journey toward a more sustainable and impactful future. Join us and become a part of a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow! We look forward to welcoming you to the ToU community. Reserve your spot here and join us on November 8th!

Maria Alejandra
Admissions Manager & Master's Degree Learner
Maria Alejandra
Admissions Manager & Master's Degree Learner

Join our learning experience

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