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Leaving My Comfort Zone by Bachelor's Degree Learner Volodymyr Danylov

Volodymyr Danylov
Bachelor's Degree Learner

18-year-old Volodymyr Danylov, coming from Kharkiv, Ukraine, joined ToU on a mission and with a goal to leave his comfort zone.

He’s currently studying a B.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence & Sustainable Technologies at Tomorrow University and is bringing his unique skill set to the Founding Club of the program to make a sustainable impact on our world.

Dobry den’, everybody, Volodymyr here! A student and AI enthusiast from Ukraine who believes in changing the world. I know maths and music (my instruments are the flute and the piano). I'm really into the idea of becoming a better person every day and getting out of one's comfort zone.

These past few years have proved to be challenging, with no lack of opportunities to leave my comfort zone. The first taste of leaving my comfort zone was searching for a job in another country as a refugee student. It took me some time, but I did it. Now I contribute much of my time to tutoring Ukrainian kids. I joined Tomorrow University with an open mind and mission to make an impact, but how?

So what’s my mission, and what brought me here? My personal mission is to help the world through AI, mainly with economic, medical, and environmental problems. 

The WHY for being here and believing in Tomorrow University is the meaning behind it. Tomorrow’s people are full of great sustainable thoughts, which they acquire from their goals and challenges; it’s the ultimate power that moves them forward almost seamlessly.

I see the right vector for humanity and the whole picture of it. It gives me hope, a path o a better future. Especially in a world where war between developing countries is still possible, as in mine.

"Hope is what makes us strong. It is why we are here. It's what we fight with when all else is lost."

—Natalie Lander as Pandora - God of War III

I joined ToU as part of the Founding Club to dive deep into an area of my profound interest — Artificial Intelligence & Sustainable Technologies.

And I love it. From community connections and environment to the teaching style of the university. The education here is a rollercoaster through easy and hard challenges, plus it’s combined with personal growth tasks. Just wow, I didn’t know that can easily keep people disciplined and interested for a long time. It’s also really flexible.

Surprisingly, I still have the same impression and the same inspiration. This university is the house of passionate people ready to help and revolutionize education.

It was a beautiful coincidence to discover ToU; I am really happy that I decided not to lose this opportunity and am really grateful for all the people who have helped me so far.

Changing the world is not about talking or planning; it’s about taking action. The first question I would ask myself is, ‘What is required to change the world?’ And from my point of view, there are two main qualities.

First of all, discipline is the most needed thing to have an impact and success. It was great to see the university making you create and stick to a schedule, as well as to learn more about planning.

The second thing is the ability to accept failure. I remember a nice saying from David Goggins, which resonates with my understanding: "What you find in failure is a better way to succeed.”

I like how it is applied — for the first time, I’ve heard that I will inevitably fail. It isn’t a great thing to hear, but it is good to accept. Failures are beneficial, and they are the bricks of the same importance to build a better future. If you don’t fail — it means you’re not developing.

Now, in the days of rapid development, it is crucial to learn new things constantly just to keep up and not fall behind. On the other side, being a better person also requires constant learning about yourself and different visions of the world. The university tries to instill that learning trait in every student so one can be open-minded.

Without being open-minded and backed up by this education, I would’ve stuck to my routine of being fixed and complaining about things rather than figuring out how to solve problems and how to develop them.

In short, Tomorrow University concentrates on challenging its learners, developing their skills, and providing guidance and support. It certainly can be seen as the future of our education, given its practicality and modernity By giving people hope and the needed instruments, it’s possible to accomplish everything in this world — I believe everyone can make a big impact by leaving their comfort zone.

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Volodymyr Danylov
Bachelor's Degree Learner
Volodymyr Danylov
Bachelor's Degree Learner

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