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Henrique’s Impact Story: Where Technology Meets Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Laurel Martello
Content Marketing & Social Media Manager

Henrique, originally from Brazil and now 36, has shifted his focus from tennis to coding. This journey has led him to the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and sustainability, studying a Master of Science Degree at Tomorrow University.

Henrique's story highlights his growth, showcasing how he's shaped his interests and skills to make a real impact.

From tennis to tech 

Henrique's journey starts on the tennis court. He began playing at six and continued for 16 years. By 12, he aimed to be a pro player, but by 17, he realized that the path wasn't unfolding as planned.

This realization marked a new beginning. Henrique ventured into web development, creating his own company. This step introduced him to data and programming, shaping his future direction.

Henrique on the tennis court.

Henrique with Co-Founder & CEO of Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences, Dr. Thomas Funke.

A global shift

Henrique moved from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo in 2013, beginning his journey at SAP. He then moved to Germany in 2017. As a data and tech consultant, he immersed himself in the relationship between technology and business. This move also deepened his passion for technology.

Henrique's goals were broader, though. He wanted to combine technology, entrepreneurship, and sustainability to shape a better future.

Sustainability, entrepreneurship, and technology intersect

Henrique's pursuit led him to Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences, a pivotal platform. He embraced online learning, missing the traditional classroom camaraderie but finding connection through the virtual community. He interacted with peers, mentors, and colleagues from various locations.

Throughout his studies, Henrique's vision was clear: to use technology to enhance human performance and efficiency. He worked on various technological fronts, simplifying processes and creating tools to improve daily routines for individuals and businesses.

Measuring impact

Henrique's journey highlighted technology's unpredictability. He remembered his early days as a programmer, a time when YouTube, Google Chrome, iPhones, and app stores weren't yet realities. This adaptability excited him, as his work could lead to innovations not yet imagined.

At the convergence of technology, entrepreneurship, and sustainability, Henrique's path unfolds. He understands that measuring his impact isn't simple; it extends beyond norms. Whether it's facilitating family time, driving community change, or addressing global challenges like poverty and hunger, his goals remain varied and ambitious.

Elbphilarmonie Concert Hall, Hamburg

Adapting and growing

Henrique Mattos' journey showcases his ability to adapt, grow, and explore. He started with tennis and now works as a software developer and promoter of technological innovation of all kinds. His story highlights how changing directions can lead to positive changes. As he continues, combining technology, entrepreneurship, and sustainability, Henrique aims to change how we understand these fields and their potential to make a difference in the world.

Sunset in Rovaniemi, Finland

Connect with Henrique on LinkedIn.

Laurel Martello
Content Marketing & Social Media Manager
Laurel Martello
Content Marketing & Social Media Manager

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