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Joel Makower: Entrepreneur, Journalist, LinkedIn Top Voice, Chairman & Co-Founder of GreenBiz Group

Christian Rebernik
Co-Founder & CEO

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Joel Makower is a highly regarded figure in the field of sustainable business and environmental journalism. As the Chairman and Co-Founder of GreenBiz, a prominent media and events company, he has dedicated over three decades of his career to exploring the intersection of business, technology, and sustainability.

With a background in journalism, Joel's passion for environmental issues led him to become a consumer journalist, focusing on topics such as green consumerism and the health effects of office environments. His expertise and insights in these areas earned him recognition as an expert on green consumer issues.

In 1989, Joel had the opportunity to create the US edition of "The Green Consumer Guide," a British bestseller. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of his journey toward becoming a leading voice for sustainable business. The US edition was published in the lead-up to Earth Day 1990, an event that garnered significant media attention and further propelled Joel's reputation as a sustainability expert.

Motivated by his belief that business plays a crucial role in addressing pressing environmental and social challenges, Joel Co-Founded GreenBiz in 2000. The company has since grown into a thriving platform that offers a wealth of resources, including daily news, podcasts, newsletters, and large-scale events, all focused on the integration of sustainability into the business world.

Joel's influence extends beyond his role at GreenBiz. Throughout his career, he has authored numerous books on topics such as the green economy, the green consumer, and responsible business practices. His extensive writing and speaking engagements have established him as a guru of green business practices and a thought leader in the industry.

With a commitment to fostering change and a deep understanding of the power of storytelling, Joel continues to inspire individuals and organizations to embrace sustainable practices. Through his work, he exemplifies the belief that business success and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand, driving positive impact for both society and the planet. In this podcast, he discusses his journey from being a consumer journalist to becoming a leading voice for sustainable business. He shares how his early work in consumer journalism led him to understand the importance of business in addressing environmental and social issues. Makower highlights his involvement in creating the US edition of "The Green Consumer Guide" and how it eventually led to the establishment of GreenBiz.

The conversation delves into the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and the need for adaptability and persistence in pursuing sustainable business goals. Makower emphasizes the value of building a community or network of sustainability professionals and the power of storytelling in effectively communicating complex sustainability ideas to diverse audiences. He also mentions the significance of selecting and collaborating with a talented team for long-term success.

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Christian Rebernik
Co-Founder & CEO
Christian Rebernik
Co-Founder & CEO

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