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Leadership, Grit, and Entrepreneurship with Martin Schilling of Techstars Berlin

Christian Rebernik
Co-Founder & CEO

Based on the Chaos Theory, small changes can have a significant impact. The goal of the Butterfly Effect Studio is to uncover how leaders and change makers developed their purpose, competencies, and community to have a positive impact. Each episode is packed full of ideas you can apply to your life.

In this conversation, Christian Rebernik speaks to Martin Schilling, Managing Director of Techstars Berlin, angel investor, serial entrepreneur, and author of the book: The Builder’s Guide to the Tech Galaxy – 99 Practices to Scale Startups into Unicorns Companies.

Schilling's passion is accelerating companies that make the planet a better place for humanity. He co-created a youth parliament in his hometown at the age of 16 and founded a startup in Berlin during his Ph.D. He later joined McKinsey, where he had many McKinsey clients' credit companies. He was eventually convinced to join N26 and help scale the company from 300 to 1,500 employees in a little over two years. Schilling took time off during the COVID-19 pandemic to be there for his two sons and write a book called "The Builder's Guide to the Tech Galaxy: 99 Practices to Scale Startups into Unicorn Companies." Schilling wants to co-create ten European unicorn companies in the next ten years that make the world better. 

He believes that tech entrepreneurs in Europe have the potential to build more than ten million additional jobs in the next ten years and are a driver of the technological sovereignty of European nations. Schilling's purpose has developed over time, and he is committed to creating a world of equal opportunities after having a family. When reflecting on his journey, Schilling sees three key competencies that helped him the most, including the ability to create a clear direction for organizations, the ability to navigate through the chaos, and the ability to connect and inspire people.

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Christian Rebernik
Co-Founder & CEO

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