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Empowering Future Impact: Alexander Woegerer's Journey in Pursuit of Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Technology at Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences

Laurel Martello
Content Marketing & Social Media Manager

Alexander Woegerer joined the Professional Master in SET to make an impact on our future, “Stronger Together” is one of Alexander's key principles.

He holds the belief that each of us can play an active part in addressing significant sustainability concerns, and he's actively living by that principle.

Alexander joined Cohort 3 of the Professional Master in SET at Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences this past year. After growing up in Austria and spending years traveling abroad, Alexander took the leap to join ToU as a learner. He wanted to further his impact on the corporate world by building his knowledge of sustainability, entrepreneurship, and technology. Since then, Alexander has brought his experiences and ambitions to ToU, and his personal mission statement makes this clear:

“I want to encourage my personal environment and myself to take an active role in society in which every single person can make a difference and impact on all our lives and future for the better.”

Developing a clear mission is part of the first phase of the learning process at ToU, something Alexander did. Now he will use his mission statement as a North Star, guiding him to make his desired impact throughout his studies and beyond. 

The beginning 

Alexander studied at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration with a specialization in International Finance. He started his professional career as a consultant for KPMG Advisory in the Transactions & Restructuring department, followed by conducting interim management projects at Management Factory Corporate Advisory. He focused on performing financial business modeling as well as implementing, monitoring, and supporting operational and strategic concepts and measures.

Before joining Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences, he worked in the finance department of an international automotive supplier. In this function, he was responsible for the implementation of group-wide controlling and reporting standards and the set-up of the controlling departments in the R&D units. He gathered a variety of experiences and skills while living and working abroad for over 5 years. 

With a dedication to perpetual learning, Alexander was seeking knowledge in the areas of technical and industry expertise, consultative skills, and leadership. His next step was to focus on meeting the challenges of tomorrow. So, he applied for the Professional Master in SET to learn how to meet these challenges, while joining a community of impact-driven individuals holding similar values.

Joining ToU

But what was his deciding factor in joining Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences and what is unique about earning a Professional Master's in SET? Community. From the start of the application process until the Orientation Phase, Alexander felt a seamless integration into a community that is dedicated to making an impact in the areas of sustainability, entrepreneurship, and technology.

The inspiring mindset held by learners, coupled with the idea of challenge-based learning, were just several of the deciding factors for joining. At the same time, working on inspiring projects with a diverse group from a variety of professional backgrounds around the globe convinced him to start his journey with Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences.

How it's going 

Alexander is convinced that the network and approach to learning at ToU will help him reach his goals. Currently, Alexander is focusing on monitoring and tracking concepts/tools regarding ESG criteria as well as subsequent operational/strategic measures to be taken by companies. 

He's helping them fulfill their sustainability requirements that guarantee profitable, cost, and energy-efficient operations in the long run. Alexander is committed to bringing more transparency into sustainability and he's currently doing just that — while harnessing the power of technology and a strong entrepreneurial mindset. 

He believes the most successful way to meet the challenges of tomorrow and to find solutions for a sustainable economy is to team up and work together. 

Connect with Alex on LinkedIn.

Laurel Martello
Content Marketing & Social Media Manager
Laurel Martello
Content Marketing & Social Media Manager

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