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Lisa Hendrickson: Sustainability x Tech, Sustainability Pioneer, Author, Inc 500, and TEDx Speaker

Christian Rebernik
Co-Founder & CEO

Based on the Chaos Theory, small changes can have a significant impact. The goal of the Butterfly Effect Studio is to uncover how leaders and change makers developed their purpose, competencies, and community to have a positive impact. Each episode is packed full of ideas you can apply to your life.

In this conversation, Christian speaks to Lisa Hendrickson. Lisa is an innovative strategic business leader with a focus on sustainability, innovation, and technology. Her in-depth knowledge of environmental, social, and governance issues led her to her current role as a leading Strategic ESG Account Specialist at S&P Global Sustainable1 where she works with key multi-national companies to empower impactful business transformations aligned to a low-carbon economy.

Lisa Hendrickson is an innovative leader, serial entrepreneur, professor, speaker, and book author who focuses on sustainability, innovation, and technology. Lisa talks about her experience as the CEO of one of the first sustainable design and manufacturing companies in New York City. She discusses how she took the ideas around sustainability and operationalized them by putting together metrics to train employees and change how people were thinking and seeing sustainability as a key benefit.

Lisa believes in physical sustainability in humanity and normalizing the circular economy. She talks about how she woke up to the idea of sustainability through her experience in technology and organizations, where she realized that the pathway we were on was unsustainable. Christian asks Lisa about how she deals with resistance and what keeps her going on that path. Lisa explains that as entrepreneurs and serial entrepreneurs, the first answer to your question will be no, but the resistance has nothing to do with you. She encourages people to keep going and to be persistent in their efforts to make a positive impact.

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Christian Rebernik
Co-Founder & CEO

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