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Making an Impact with AI

Laurel Martello
Content Marketing & Social Media Manager

See how learners are embracing AI & technology to make a sustainable impact. From revolutionizing education to empowering farmers and reimagining social media, these learners are at the forefront of change. 

They are using AIs potential to reshape different aspects of our lives. Their impact is felt through initiatives like our Generative AI Challenge, Impact Certificates, and full-degree degree programs.

EdWay Companion: Empowering Education for Educators Crafting a Successful Professional Development Journey with Generative AI By Oleksandr Elkin, Master’s Degree Learner

Meet Oleksandr Elkin, a Master's Degree learner with a passion for revolutionizing education. Oleksandr is the visionary behind the EdWay Companion, a groundbreaking project aimed at empowering educators. This transformative tool leverages the power of AI, specifically Gen3TFAI and the mastermind, to provide personalized professional development experiences. It analyzes educators' performance data, expertise, and learning preferences to tailor solutions that address the unique challenges in each classroom. With over 37,000 educators and partnerships with 200 providers, EdWay Companion is making waves in Ukraine's education sector. Oleksandr's project also introduces Edwin Capanian, an AI assistant designed to assist educators in their lifelong learning journey. EdWay Companion is poised to redefine professional development in education by offering customized assistance and data-driven decision support.

Inkflow: A Secure Collaborative Writing Platform with AI Support for Writers and Peers By Lisa Honold

Lisa Honold, a creative mind and a learner at ToU, has developed Inkflow, a collaborative writing platform that offers a secure space for writers. Inkflow seamlessly integrates AI tools to enhance the writing experience. The platform includes features such as a personal dashboard, project editor, collaboration options, and an AI-powered brainstorming and feedback coach named Stormy. With Inkflow, Lisa aims to create a safe and trusting environment where writers can connect with experienced peers, share their stories, receive constructive feedback, and gain recognition for their work.

Harvest Greener: Helping Farmers Achieve Sustainable Farming By Raffael Winkler, Master’s Degree Learner

Raffael Winkler, a Master's Degree learner, is the driving force behind Harvest Greener. This innovative platform is dedicated to empowering small and medium-sized farmers to adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. Harnessing the power of AI, Harvest Greener provides personalized learning plans and real-time support to farmers. Collaborating with international agricultural and climate experts, the platform offers tailored educational pathways. By combining AI technology with human expertise, Harvest Greener equips farmers with the knowledge and tools needed to increase yields, reduce environmental impact, and pave the way for sustainable farming.

Blizzd: The Revolutionary Social Media App Aiming to Bring More Happiness By Denise Ludwig, Master’s Degree Learner

Denise Ludwig is on a mission to revolutionize the social media landscape with Blizzd. This innovative app addresses the challenges posed by overwhelming choices and toxic online environments. Inspired by the works of Barry Schwartz and Tristan Harris, Blizzd raises awareness of users' decision-making patterns and cognitive systems. It aims to evoke positive emotions and reduce digital toxicity. Instead of overwhelming users with options, Blizzd empowers them to unleash their creativity using innovative tools, such as image and video generative AI. This app is all about bringing more happiness to the digital world.

Oleksandr Elkin's EdWay Companion is changing education, Lisa Honold's Inkflow supports writers, Raffael Winkler's Harvest Greener promotes sustainable farming, and Denise Ludwig's Blizzd transforms digital experiences. These learners demonstrate the potential of AI to bring positive change. With their dedication and innovative solutions, they are shaping a brighter future. Join our upcoming Generative AI Challenge to make an impact with AI.

Laurel Martello
Content Marketing & Social Media Manager
Laurel Martello
Content Marketing & Social Media Manager

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