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Meet the Inspiring Speakers of Our Generative AI Trial Challenge

Julia Rosner

What do all great innovators have in common? They have a fundamental understanding of leveraging the latest technologies to build transformative products.

One of these technologies is Generative AI. At Tomorrow University you have a unique opportunity to explore the world of Generative AI during our 3-week Build with Generative AI Trial Challenge!

During this 3-week program, you’ll develop a foundational understanding of Generative AI, from working with large language models, and visual and sound-based generative AI, to navigating the challenging terrain of ethics in AI and learning how to apply these tools to your projects. Our Trial Challenge is also a great opportunity to meet and exchange like-minded people and innovators in the field.

We’ve invited four amazing innovators to talk about working with Generative AI. Here’s a bit more about these inspiring guest speakers:

  • Adrian Locher is an engineer by heart, a serial entrepreneur, builder, and investor in Artificial Intelligence. He has built and scaled over 20 companies. 7 years ago he founded Merantix, an Artificial Intelligence Investment Platform, where they build and scale machine learning companies through a unique incubation platform, seed financing, and exceptional teams.
  • Fabian Westerheide is an expert on international AI strategies, AI ecosystems, and AI networks who helps governmental and private organizations to better understand the opportunities and challenges of AI. 8 years ago he founded Rise of AI Europe's influential network for Artificial Intelligence with 30,000 politicians, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, SciFi authors, and critical and visionary leaders.
  • Pascal Weinberger has started his career at the intersection of ML and neuroscience, trying to learn how to learn the brain. He then went on to work worked with Google Brain on various ML projects, and then founded and successfully exited an AI company in the AgTech space. Right now he’s building Bardeen which is a productivity tool to automate your repetitive tasks and control your web apps from anywhere.
  • Trent McConaghy started his career by doing AI research for national defense in the 1990s. From there he founded his first startup which explored the relationship between human and AI-based creativity. At the moment he’s working on Ocean Protocol. Ocean is a public utility network to safely & securely share AI data while preserving privacy to make AI opportunities more equal.

Ready to grow whilst learning from these inspiring people? Start your application and apply for our next intake to join our Trial Challenge and become a Generative AI expert.

Julia Rosner
Julia Rosner

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