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Embracing Lifelong Learning: Tomorrow University Puts Learners at the Center

Dr. Thomas Funke
Founder & Professor of Sustainability & Entrepreneurship

Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences is designed with the learner at the heart of the experience.

In today’s fast-paced world, lifelong learning has become a necessary and ongoing task. Technological innovations require us to update our competencies in even faster.

Learning how to learn continuously, how to update your skills, and align them with your prior knowledge, is the key to future success. This is a shift from skills to competencies, from learning knowledge to applying knowledge, and from a career being outside of learning to have it nested in relationships and networks. This shift means we need to teach for the lifelong learner and to adapt the learning journey accordingly.

A completely new learning journey in higher education

At Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences, we employ an innovative learning approach to prepare you for the future. Our program is based on best practices in learning science and technology, designed so you can make an impact. This starts by identifying your purpose, study goals, and impact areas. Using these to guide your learning journey provides the motivation and focus needed to achieve impact.

Competency-based learning

Tomorrow is the place to acquire the competencies for the 21st-century. We have developed an extensive competency framework (75 skills) based on research by the World Economic Forum and OECD to equip our students with essential 21st-century capabilities, including initiative, persistence/grit, adaptability, curiosity, leadership, social, and cultural awareness. At the center of this framework is the mindset of limitless growth, one of our core values.

Every student has a learning dashboard: A digital decision support system and a progress tracker. Students are tasked with revisiting their target profile regularly. They receive constant feedback from our renowned mentors. The dashboard is set up for lifelong learning. You can come back to it whenever you are ready to continue your learning journey.

Collaborative challenge-based approach

We want you to gain the relevant competencies to tackle the big challenges ahead. That’s why we structured our learning around challenges, not around courses. Challenges refer to topics like climate change, responsible consumption, and production or public health threats, just to name a few. When faced with a challenge, you leverage your experience, harness internal and external resources, develop a plan, and push forward to find the best solution. The result is urgency, passion, and ownership. Challenges are developed with partners from our community to make the content and data sets relevant. To get you on the right path, we blend academic content with the competencies that employers are looking for. It is predestined for group work, and at ToU, we provide you with an outstanding group of peers and mentors who help you every step of the way. See what the learners have worked on through challenge-based learning.

Paced and individualized education

All our programs are delivered online and available 24/7 from anywhere in the world, making them accessible and flexible. This is ideal for students who learn while working. Students move through phases of learning based on their individual readiness, allowing them to transform at their own pace. The four distinct phases of all programs are: Orientation, Calibration, Elevation, and Activation. Students can cycle through these phases multiple times. Paced and individualized education is designed to promote academic exploration and then push rigor within disciplines. Instead of grades, we use a rubric that is applied by reviewers who are experts in the respective disciplines.

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Dr. Thomas Funke
Founder & Professor of Sustainability & Entrepreneurship
Dr. Thomas Funke
Founder & Professor of Sustainability & Entrepreneurship

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