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Partnerships That Power Real-World Learning

Laurel Martello
Content Marketing & Social Media Manager

At Tomorrow University, we believe in practical learning through real-world challenges. Our 3-week sponsored projects, crafted in collaboration with industry partners, offer hands-on experiences that connect theory to practice. 

Partnerships that power real-world learning

Challenge-based learning lies at the heart of the Tomorrow University experience. In each of our programs, learners engage in a dynamic learning journey that revolves around a series of three-week projects, known as challenges. These challenges are immersive, hands-on experiences that place our learners in the driver's seat of solving some of the grandest challenges of our time: from sustainability and innovation to technology, or societal issues, our learners gain invaluable hands-on experience while working closely with industry experts.

At Tomorrow University we are able to bridge the gap between learners and industry opportunities, thanks to our meaningful educational partnerships with organizations like Baringa, Grover, Eintracht Tech, KfW, Kelp Blue, and more. Our partner ecosystem is not just about lectures; it's about exchanging and taking action. During these sponsored challenges, each company presents a real-world problem for our learners to tackle, guided by industry experts. Explore some of the insightful projects our learners have taken on alongside these esteemed partners.

Baringa: Driving sustainability transformation

Baringa, a champion of sustainability, joined forces with Tomorrow University in a transformative challenge called Creating Impact: Drive Change from Within. Learners were tasked with guiding oil and gas companies in their transition towards low-carbon solutions. Recognizing the pressing need for sustainable energy practices, participants worked diligently to develop comprehensive frameworks. These frameworks aimed to reduce the environmental footprint of traditionally carbon-intensive industries, addressing the global concern of climate change. This collaboration fostered innovation in the energy sector, providing valuable insights into the complexities of energy transition, and exemplified our shared commitment to creating a sustainable impact.

In a single submission, a learner identified the importance of addressing challenges beyond the obvious ones. This insight was prompted by Equinor's dedication to adopting a more sustainable business model. Equinor's roadmap for achieving net-zero emissions aligns with the company's transformation, but the learner believed there was room for innovation. They proposed a framework to empower Equinor employees to expand their knowledge in sustainability-related areas and apply it to various challenges. This approach aimed to foster a culture of exploration and creativity in addressing sustainability issues beyond the immediate goals.

In a single submission, a learner highlighted the need to go beyond evident challenges in response to Equinor's commitment to sustainability, proposing a framework to empower employees to explore and creatively address sustainability issues.

Grover: Transforming the retail experience with AI

Grover, committed to enhancing the shopping experience, embarked on an innovative journey with our learners. This challenge called Prototyping Impactful Solutions pushed the boundaries of retail with a focus on generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). learners explored groundbreaking solutions to create an inspiring and engaging shopping environment at They aimed to ensure that customers not only found what they needed but also discovered unexpected delights. This challenge was a unique opportunity where technology, data science, and user-centric design converged to enhance the shopping experience, showcasing our commitment to improving the retail landscape while adding substantial value for Grover's customers.

Learners at Tomorrow University improved the shopping experience on One learner created a user-friendly approach that allows users to explore categories and select suitable devices. Another learner introduced AI Buddy, an AI-based tool that offers insights and simplifies device selection, saving time and enhancing the user experience. These projects enhance customer satisfaction and highlight the transformative power of AI in online shopping.

Learners at Tomorrow University enhanced the shopping experience on by introducing user-friendly features and AI Buddy, improving customer satisfaction and showcasing AI's transformative potential in online shopping.

Eintracht Tech: Shaping sustainable finance through the SustAIn Challenge

Our partnership with Eintracht and Cheil was a pivotal step towards reshaping the future of finance with sustainability in mind where learners tpok on the SustAIn challenge. Learners took on a challenge that aimed to make investing financially rewarding and environmentally and socially responsible. They explored innovative approaches and strategies, aligning investments with sustainability goals and ethical principles. In doing so, our learners played a pivotal role in contributing to a greener and more equitable world, demonstrating a strong commitment to positive change in the financial industry and beyond.

Learners actively contributed to the Sustain Challenge by taking concrete steps to bring the idea to fruition. After brainstorming on potential implementation, the learners proactively reached out to Erste Bank's responsible investment team, leveraging their current internship within the organization. The team showed keen interest in the idea and even prepared a presentation outlining how it could be integrated into their mobile banking app. The learner's dedication and collaboration with industry experts demonstrated a tangible commitment to advancing sustainability initiatives.

In the Sustain Challenge, a learner took proactive steps to implement their idea by collaborating with Erste Bank's responsible investment team, showcasing a dedicated commitment to advancing sustainability.

KfW: Advancing electric vehicle infrastructure with applied data science

In a special edition challenge with KfW called Applied Data Science, learners explored the world of Data Science and Machine Learning. This challenge focused on optimizing the placement of power chargers for electric cars, a crucial aspect of electric vehicle infrastructure. Learners worked tirelessly to understand raw data, preparing it for Machine Learning techniques to extract valuable insights. This work aimed to assist decision-makers and funding organizations, such as KfW, in optimizing the placement of charging stations to benefit a broader community. It underscored our commitment to applying data-driven solutions to real-world problems and creating a sustainable impact.

Learners explored the correlation between different types of operators ("Betreiber") and the extent of electric charging station coverage in Germany. This project aimed to understand whether certain operators were more involved in expanding electric vehicle charging infrastructure and if this had an impact on overall coverage. It reflected their commitment to investigating real-world challenges and contributing to sustainable mobility solutions.

Learners investigated the relationship between operator types and electric charging station coverage in Germany, contributing to sustainable mobility solutions through their commitment to addressing real-world challenges.

Kelp Blue: Pioneering sustainable play in the toy industry

Partnering with Kelp Blue, learners explored the potential of eco-friendly plastic alternatives within the toy market during the Expanding Technologies for Good challenge. They identified technology-based market opportunities to expand Kelp Blue's product portfolio, highlighting the intersection of sustainability and playfulness. This vision of a more eco-conscious toy industry emphasized our commitment to innovative and sustainable approaches to play and creativity. Learners' work aimed to expand Kelp Blue's offerings and promote a more sustainable future for the industry, underscoring our dedication to creating a lasting impact.

Learners worked on a sustainable project with Kelp Blue, focusing on cultivating and harvesting kelp to develop a plastic substitute for the toy industry. The project aimed to establish a partnership with a toy company, integrating alginate as a replacement for plastic. Learners conducted tests to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the product. The goal was to generate a significant portion of the company's revenues using alginate as a sustainable alternative, emphasizing the commitment to innovative and eco-conscious solutions for the toy industry.

Learners collaborated on a sustainable project with Kelp Blue, striving to create a partnership and utilize alginate as a plastic substitute, showcasing their dedication to innovative and eco-friendly solutions in the toy industry.

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At Tomorrow University, we're committed to bridging the gap between theory and practice through our partnerships and challenges. These hands-on experiences empower our learners to make a tangible impact while they learn. Our partners are integral to this exciting educational journey, where witnessing the visionary work of learners is truly inspiring. In essence, challenge-based learning prepares our learners to take action from day one.

Check out our upcoming Trial Challenges and Impact Certificates where you can join our community and experience challenge-based learning first-hand.

Laurel Martello
Content Marketing & Social Media Manager
Laurel Martello
Content Marketing & Social Media Manager

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