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Resilience and Succeeding as an Entrepreneur with Bennet Barth of Respond

Christian Rebernik
Co-Founder & CEO

Based on the Chaos Theory, small changes can have a significant impact. The goal of the Butterfly Effect Studio is to uncover how leaders and change makers developed their purpose, competencies, and community to have a positive impact. Each episode is packed full of ideas you can apply to your life.

In this conversation, Christian speaks to Bennet Barth, Managing Director of Respond. He drives the strategic development and implementation of the BMW Foundation’s work around business, innovation, and technology.

The conversation is focused on exploring how leaders and change makers can develop their purpose, competencies, and community to have a positive impact. Bennett Barth is the managing director at the Respond Accelerator, which is dedicated to embedding sustainability at the heart of innovation and investments. Bennett shares his motivation, which comes from working with inspiring people and supporting their causes in embedding sustainability or developing new solutions that drive sustainability. Bennett also talks about his achievements. One of the most amazing times in his professional career was when he started a small startup in Portugal called Maze, which was one of the pioneers in the social innovation space in Europe. 

Bennett's focus has shifted to working with entrepreneurs, and he talks about how his family background comes from a very entrepreneurial mindset. He also believes that the skills required to be a successful entrepreneur differ from those required to be a successful impact entrepreneur. To be a successful entrepreneur, you need an incredible amount of drive, the willingness to fail and learn, and the ability to delegate tasks to others when necessary. To be a successful impact entrepreneur, you need to have a deep understanding of sustainability, be able to create a positive impact and have the ability to think long-term.

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Christian Rebernik
Co-Founder & CEO

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