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Rolf Schroemgens: Founder of, leadership.sprouts, and trivago

Christian Rebernik
Co-Founder & CEO

Based on the Chaos Theory, small changes can have a significant impact. The goal of the Butterfly Effect Studio is to uncover how leaders and change makers developed their purpose, competencies, and community to have a positive impact. Each episode is packed full of ideas you can apply to your life.

In this conversation, Christian speaks to Rolf Schrömgens. Rolf provides insights into how leaders can develop their purpose, competence, and community to have a positive impact.

Rolf Schrömgens is a serial entrepreneur and right out of university, in 1999, he started one of the best-funded European first-wave internet companies In 2005, he started his second company, which became, within a decade, the most successful hotel search and one of the largest global consumer brands. He brought trivago public at Nasdaq in 2016 and moved from his CEO role into a board position in 2020. Lately, Rolf co-founded leadership.sprouts, an NGO that aims to evolve leadership into the digital age.

Rolf shares his personal experience with the downside of capital markets on long-term vision and value creators within a company, and how his own success led him to believe in the power of individual impact and value-based leadership. He emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and upgrading one's operating system to foster growth and change.

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Christian Rebernik
Co-Founder & CEO

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