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Zana Pekmez: Inspiring Change at Tomorrow University

Laurel Martello
Content Marketing & Social Media Manager

Zana Pekmez, a Master's Degree learner at Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences, embodies the spirit of education, determination, and a relentless commitment to making the world a better place.

Her journey and motivational letter shed light on her mission for positive change and the transformative power of education.

A diverse background

Zana Pekmez originates from Bosnia, a region with a storied and intricate history. Her life experiences, shaped by exposure to diverse cultures and the complexities of her homeland, have ignited a profound aspiration to make a global impact. It's this very drive that prompted her to embark on a Master's Degree program at Tomorrow University, with a clear focus on acquiring the skills necessary to bridge the gaps in sustainability, entrepreneurship, and technology.

Balancing work and academia

Before joining the program, Zana was working full-time at Microsoft while finishing her PhD project. Her decision to pursue further education at Tomorrow University reflects her deep thirst for knowledge and her aspiration to become a responsible leader who can make a difference.

A mission of inclusive economic growth

Zana's mission is straightforward: to promote inclusive economic growth. She understands that this task necessitates more than just knowledge; it demands activism and a genuine passion for change. Combining her experience at Microsoft with her academic research, Zana aims to drive inclusive economic growth.

Fostering innovation

In the quest for inclusive economic growth, innovation is key. Zana recognizes the power of technology and sustainability. Her work at Microsoft and her academic endeavors focus on promoting innovation and sustainability, both essential for creating a more equitable and prosperous global economy.

Collaboration: The heart of progress

Zana's commitment to a mission-driven journey underscores the importance of having a clear purpose. She firmly believes that meaningful change necessitates collaboration, emphasizing the significance of collective efforts. Her intent to engage in cross-sector partnerships demonstrates her dedication to creating synergies that result in long-lasting and sustainable transformations. At Tomorrow University, we recognize the profound impact of individuals like Zana who are driven by a mission, as they inspire us all to be part of positive change that's bigger than ourselves.

Inspiration from Sam Oldman

Zana draws inspiration from Sam Oldman, the founder of OpenAI, who emphasized the collective effort needed to harness technology for the greater good. This quote resonates with Zana's belief in the power of working together to use technology for the benefit of all.

A journey of purpose

Zana's journey, supported by her academic background and passion for technology and sustainability, exemplifies the transformative potential of education, innovation, and collaboration.

Zana Pekmez's story is a reminder that each of us has the power to make a positive impact. We eagerly await the significant change she will undoubtedly bring to the world. Thank you for sharing your journey, Zana Pekmez, and inspiring us to strive for a more inclusive and equitable future.

If you're inspired by Zana's mission and want to make a similar impact, you can learn more about our Master's Degree and Impact MBA programs.

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Laurel Martello
Content Marketing & Social Media Manager
Laurel Martello
Content Marketing & Social Media Manager

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