Nellie Marangou

Nellie Marangou is the VP of Academic Affairs at ToU, responsible for leading the Academics, Programme Operations and Community teams and enabling learner success, satisfaction and impact. Nellie has a passion for enabling social mobility and diversity in the future of work through the power of durable and data skills development. With varied experience in the education technology sector and a scientific background in data and physics Nellie is passionate about the intersection of data, diversity and leadership. Her research experience at Imperial College London focused on developing innovative data analytics techniques in the search for dark matter. Following that Nellie focused on building and leading education programmes, enabling others through coaching and leadership and hence empowering hundreds of learners start, grow or excel in their careers with a particular focus in enabling diverse set of future leaders thrive in the data field.

Personal mission
Enabling social mobility and diversity in the future of work through education, empowerment and coaching that empowers individuals to accelerate their growth and reach their full potential.
Courses Taught
Statistics & Data Analytics
Algorithms and Data Structures
Data Products and Data Solutions
Research focus description text
  • Analyzing complex datasets of physical interactions taking place in a dark matter direct detection experiment (LUX-Zeplin experiment).
  • Developing and implementing novel data and statistical analysis techniques to clean, interpret and draw physical conclusions from acquired datasets.
List of Papers
  • Featured publications:
    • Extending light WIMP searches to single scintillation photons in LUX, (First Author, Published in Phys. Rev. D 101, 042001), 2020
    • First Dark Matter Search Results from the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) Experiment, (Contributing Author, Published in Phys. Rev. Lett. 131, 041002), 2023
    • Extending the physics reach of the LUX and LZ dark matter experiments by lowering the scintillation threshold, (PhD Thesis), 2023

Book Chapters
Books (Monographs)
Professional Community Services
  • Studenships:
    • UK Science and Technology Facilities Council PhD Studentship

Organizational & Editorship Activities
  • Awards
    • Anne Thorn PhD thesis price for development of new Data Analysis technique for Dark Matter Detection at Imperial College London
    • Dean’s List Award for outstanding (top 5%) BSc Academic Performance at UCL

  • Talks:
    • HolonIQ London 2023 Panel Speaker: “Reimagining training for the skills of tomorrow”
    • Tableau Conference 2022 Panel Speaker: “How to become an advocate for Data Literacy”
Consulting / Entrepreneurship Projects
Founder projects