Prof. Dr. Thomas Maidorfer

Dr. Thomas Maidorfer is a distinguished Professor of Strategy & Leadership at Tomorrow University. Simultaneously, he holds the esteemed role of Co-Director of the Impact MBA program, specializing in Sustainability, Innovation, and Leadership. With expertise in strategic management and business administration, Dr. Maidorfer has excelled in academia and the private sector. As the Managing Partner of Aeiphoria Capital GmbH, a private equity firm focusing on industry, mobility, and biotech investments, he bridges theory and practice in corporate strategy, investment, and SME management. This unique fusion of academic insight and real-world experience enhances his contributions, making him an invaluable asset in academia and private enterprises.

Personal mission
I am deeply committed to making a difference by taking action, and I passionately believe in limitless possibilities.
Courses Taught
International Strategic Management
Global Strategic Management
Introduction to Strategy
Fundamentals of Strategic Management

Dr. Maidorfer conducts research in corporate strategy with a focus on supervisory boards, corporate governance, and broader aspects of strategy. He also explores the critical role of ownership competencies in driving organizational success. His insights enhance our understanding of effective strategic management practices and contribute to advancing the field of business administration.

List of Papers

Hoffmann, Werner H., Maidorfer, Thomas, Rödler, Friedrich. 2018. Aufsichtsratsevaluierung anders gemacht. Aufsichtsrat aktuell. 5/18 7-9.

Maidorfer, Thomas, Hoffmann, Werner H.. 2015. Unternehmensaufsicht und ihre Wirksamkeit. Aufsichtsrat aktuell (2): 9-11.

Hoffmann, Werner H., Kalss, Susanne, Klampfl, Christoph, Maidorfer, Thomas. 2012. Corporate Governance und Unternehmensperformance. Zeitschrift für Corporate Governance (3): 101-106.

Hoffmann, Werner H., Kalss, Susanne, Klampfl, Christoph, Maidorfer, Thomas. 2011. Stand der Unternehmensaufsicht in Österreich. Aufsichtsrat aktuell (2): 5-11.

Maidorfer, Thomas, Hoffmann, Werner H.. 2013. Effectiveness of Supervisory Boards: 5 Crucial Factors. Working Papers / Institute for Strategic Management, 01/2013. WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna.

Book Chapters

Maidorfer, Thomas. 2015. Wirkungsfaktoren der Unternehmensaufsicht. Saarbrücken: SVH - Südwestdeutscher Verlag für Hochschulschriften.

Dömötör, Rudolf, Maidorfer, Thomas. 2017. Startup Guide Vienna

Books (Monographs)
Professional Community Services
Organizational & Editorship Activities

Academy of Management Member 2012-2014

Strategic Management Society Member 2012-2015

European Forum Alpbach Member 2010-2023 (Scholarship Holder 2010, 2011, 2012)

Co-Founder Österreichischer Aufsichtsratstag

Co-Founder and Managing Director Wiener Strategieforum

Consulting / Entrepreneurship Projects
Founder projects