Bachelor of Science

Artificial Intelligence & Sustainable Technologies

The B.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence & Sustainable Technologies will provide you with an awareness and a structured way of thinking. You'll be enabled to tackle current problems using Data Science methods and gain a highly interactive and hands-on introduction to the most important, state-of-the-art Data Science techniques.

The Program

Expertise in the field of AI is highly sought after. In this program you'll learn about topics from machine learning and natural language processing to expert systems and robotics.

Modern state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques, in particular, make it possible to gain insights from Big Data structures. This is where you come in — you'll become the AI and ech leader our future needs.

Build solid academic knowledge
  • Develop a solid foundation in IT, network, database and programming fundamentals, and systems analysis and design
  • Analyze and visualize rich data sources, learn to identify data trends, and generate data management strategies
  • Create an environment where Data Science as a discipline of generating data-driven information and knowledge creation is internalized
  • Gain a solid foundation in Python — the most popular language for AI applications
  • Learn the basics of R for storing, analyzing data, and creating a statistical analysis
  • Learn how to automate with pipelines and automatically deploy your code
  • Learn how to solve problems with optimal time and space complexity by mastering data structures and algorithms
  • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) — data is your competitive edge, transform it into insights/decisions to outpace competition
Practice-oriented to solve real-world problems
  • Develop a structural and model-driven mindset
  • Develop programing and data analyses skills
  • Understand and develop solutions that are based on data, and information in more general
Teamwork is the key to success
  • Work together with practitioners and academics to analyze datasets
  • Understand and develop organizational structures that support data-driven business models that drive change
  • Build Data Science applications such as Machine Learning Systems, that support business processes and help to achieve specified objectives

During the B.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Technologies you will gain a highly interactive and hands-on introduction to the most important, state-of-the-art Data Science techniques. That is, you will not just learn about the theories of concepts, methods, and techniques, but always apply them in practice. This helps you to conceptualize use-cases and internalize taught concepts.

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Tuition Fee
€19.800 in total for 3 years
Scholarships and Funding
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October 2022
180 ECTS*
3 Years
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Career Outlook

The B.Sc. Artificial Intelligence & Sustainable Technologies brings together all the complementary skillsets so that you will need to become an expert in AI and sustainable tech. You’ll be capable of generating new insights from information represented not only in the digital format but also in the real-world. This way, you will be prepared to work on any problems you encounter in your future career, independent of the domain in which you work. 

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What you'll learn
Design and development of solutions for natural language processing: machine translators, assistants, interfaces, etc.
Design interfaces for robots, advanced programming, and robotics
Construction of systems in a variety of sectors
Optimization of production processes in the industry and distribution
Entrepreneurship: creation and management of innovative companies
You could work as
Software Developer
Software Engineer
Data Engineer
ML / Machine Learning Engineer
Business Analytics Engineer
Business Intelligence Engineer

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