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A Comprehensive Guide to Programs at Tomorrow University

Laurel Martello
Content Manager

Learn about the learning journey at Tomorrow University and how our programs can be combined to empower you to fulfill your mission

From Trial Challenges to Impact Certificates and full-degree programs, we provide a unique learning experience that enables personal growth and professional development designed for change makers who want to make a sustainable impact at scale.

A community of lifelong learners

The Tomorrow University community brings together a diverse global mix of people, regardless of age, background, or viewpoint. They're all driven by a shared mission: making positive global change. Their projects span from small solutions to major innovations. What makes this community strong is how it combines different skills and experiences to create meaningful change, both big and small. Aspiring learners become lifelong members by taking on Trial Challenges, pursuing Impact Certificates, or enrolling in full-degree programs. Ultimately, Tomorrow University is a collaborative space where diverse ideas and missions come together, driving progress worldwide.

Stackable degrees

We believe in the concept of stackable degrees, which allows learners to earn credentials progressively as they complete various stages of their education and apply them to other programs. This flexible approach allows learners to attain multiple certifications along their academic journey, acknowledging their achievements and equipping them with relevant skills at different milestones. It’s possible to earn credits by completing a Trial Challenge or Impact Certificate that can later apply to a full-degree program, putting you on track to becoming a lifelong learner. Our Co-Founder & CEO, Dr. Thomas Funke, explains the concept below.

Trial Challenges

Trial Challenges are intensive three-week programs designed to help you achieve specific goals while experiencing challenge-based learning. One of these challenges is the "Mission Identification Trial Challenge," where you get the chance to discover your personal mission in a supportive community guided by industry experts. We believe that understanding your "WHY" is crucial for making a meaningful impact. By the end of the three-week program, you'll have a clear sense of direction and purpose. Many participants start the challenge unsure of their personal mission, but through hands-on learning experiences and discussions, they often uncover it with confidence by the end. This challenge forms the basis of all learning experiences at Tomorrow University. Learn more about identifying your personal mission here

Impact Certificates

Impact Certificates are credentials that recognize a learner's expertise in specific areas of sustainability and entrepreneurship. These certificates enhance a learner's portfolio and showcase their dedication to making a positive impact in the world. With a wide variety of Impact Certificates available, learners have the flexibility to personalize their educational journey according to their interests and career goals. These programs, which run for ten weeks, offer a valuable opportunity for individuals to gain new skills within a supportive community as they work towards achieving their personal or professional objectives.

Full-degree programs

Apart from Trial Challenges and Impact Certificates, a diverse range of comprehensive degree programs is available. While Trial Challenges and Impact Certificates provide condensed, intense experiences, our full-degree programs cater to those seeking to embrace lifelong learning. Within these programs, learners have established their own businesses, driven innovation within organizations, and acquired the skills necessary to create a substantial impact on a larger scale. See what learners are working on in their respective programs on our blog during the challenges. Our undergraduate and postgraduate offerings are the following:

Accreditation and recognition

Tomorrow University is fully-accredited and state-recognized by the German Ministry in Hessen. ToU adheres to rigorous academic standards, ensuring the quality and relevance of our programs. This recognition demonstrates our commitment to excellence in education and assures learners that their degrees are valued nationally and internationally. While ToU is remote-first and online, ToU holds the same prestige and recognition as universities with a physical campus. 

Funding our degree programs while investing in your future

At Tomorrow University, we understand the importance of accessible education. We offer a range of financial aid options, including scholarships, grants, and learner loans, to support individuals in funding their degree programs. Additionally, we encourage learners to explore external funding opportunities, sponsorships, and employer assistance programs to further alleviate financial burdens. Learn more about the funding options for each program on the following pages; Bachelor’s financing, Master’s financing, and MBA financing. We also offer a referral program, see the benefits of joining with someone from your network here.

Whether you want to find your purpose, enhance your professional skills, address important societal matters — or perhaps even all of these — our diverse selection of programs is designed to empower individuals like you who are driven to create a meaningful and lasting influence on a global scale. Download our brochure below or reach out to our Admissions Team to discuss your mission and path to becoming a lifelong learner.

Laurel Martello
Content Manager
Laurel Martello
Content Manager

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