Growth Mindset Scholarship

Motivation Letter: ~600 words about an experience that provided an opportunity for them to apply a growth mindset and what they learned from that experience.

Criteria: Experience using the growth mindset in professional spheres, motivation letter

How much you'll pay each month and overall will depend on your specific ISA's terms. The ISA provider will determine these based on characteristics like your college major and projected salary.

Invest in Your Future: Financing for Your Online Master's Degree

Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences is dedicated to providing an inclusive and accessible education to all. To make this a reality, we offer various tuition assistance and payment options to suit your financial needs. Download our brochure today to discover more about our online Master of Science (CE) in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Technology , and explore the myriad opportunities an accredited degree from ToU can bring to your future.

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Master’s Degree Scholarships

At our institution, we provide a scholarship program that presents three different opportunities, each with its own set of distinct criteria. We take pride in offering successful candidates a grant of up to €7.000. Our scholarships are specially designed to cater to individuals with various needs, including merit-based and those with a professional background. We strongly encourage you to explore and evaluate which scholarship best suits your goals and apply today to seize this thrilling opportunity.

Scholarship amount: €7.000
Growth Mindset Scholarship

We want to celebrate learners who possess a growth mindset and demonstrate a solid motivation to advance their personal development but who lack the finances to fund their tuition costs.

Scholarship amount: €7.000
Entrepreneurs for Tomorrow Scholarship

Future students already making an impact whether it be through their own business, venture or idea can apply for this scholarship.

Scholarship amount: €7.000
Global Diversity Scholarship

This scholarship supports ToUs goal to create a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable study environment. Eligible individuals include but are not limited to applicants of various social origins, ethnic origins or nationalities, ages, genders or gender-neutral identities, physical + mental abilities, religions, worldviews, sexual orientations, and rural communities.

Super Early-Bird and Early-Bird

Secure your spot today by applying early and receive a tuition reduction in the process. It's important to keep the relevant dates in mind and apply before the deadline. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get ahead and take advantage of the early application tuition credit. Apply now to kickstart your journey and secure your place for the upcoming intake.

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Tax Refund

By deducting your study fees as "income-related expenses," you have the potential to save a substantial amount of money. Depending on your country of residence and income level, you may be eligible for a refund of up to €5.000. To learn more about this opportunity and how it can benefit you, please schedule a call with us.

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Collective Impact Referral Program

Would you like to study with a member of your network or suggest one of our programs to a friend? If you do, both you and your referral could qualify for a €500 tuition reduction. To learn more about our referral program, please click on the link below.

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Deutsche Bildung

Deutsche Bildung offers monthly or lump-sum payments to allow students to concentrate on their studies fully. Furthermore, access to Deutsche Bildung Academy gives students the skills to succeed in their studies and early careers. Repayment is based on income share agreements and is used to finance a new generation of students. Applications are accepted all year round at

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Payment Options

Payments can be made via bank transfer to the IBAN listed on your invoice.

For learners outside of the EU, we recommend looking at transfer services (for example, to make your tuition payments.

Total: €27.000
You will need to pay 10% of your total tuition as a confirmation fee to reserve your study placement.
Then, the remaining balance can be paid in 1-5 installments over the course of the program, depending on the installment type of your choice.

Tuition Example

Have a look at a final tuition example. After applying by Early-Bird deadlines, applying for a scholarship, or even referring a friend it's possible to receive a substantial tuition credit.

Super Early-Bird
Final tuition after credit

Secure Your Future: Invest in Yourself Today

We are dedicated to promoting accessibility and inclusivity, and thus, we strongly encourage all applicants to apply for both early application credit and at least one scholarship opportunity. We recognize that selecting a post graduate degree program can be a significant step towards shaping your future, and we are committed to assisting you in this process. Learn about our financing opportunities here.

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Dr. Thomas Funke
Co-Founder & CEO
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