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Flexible Learning at Tomorrow University

Laurel Martello
Content Marketing & Social Media Manager

Tomorrow University doesn't simply transfer traditional in-person learning to the online platform.

What sets ToU apart is its creative use of challenge-based learning, along with a flexible learning model. This combination creates an optimal setting that promotes personal and professional growth effectively.

The university empowers learners with flexibility that suits their unique situations. While it's not entirely self-paced, learners still retain the freedom to integrate studying into their busy schedules. The goal is to fuse education with their lives, and the university offers the necessary support and resources. This contemporary approach adjusts to the demands of today, enhancing accessibility and empowerment in education.

Tailored learning for modern lifestyles

Tomorrow University recognizes that the rigid constraints of the past do not confine today's learners. Whether fully immersed in a 9-to-5 job, working part-time, or navigating career shifts, the flexible learning model caters to your unique situation. The core of this approach lies in seamlessly integrating education into your daily routine.

Unlike traditional self-paced models, the flexibility at Tomorrow University doesn't imply isolation. Instead, it offers a structured yet adaptable framework that synchronizes with your life. You can design your study schedule around your job, family commitments, and personal interests. This level of customization ensures that you're not just learning on your terms but also thriving.

Example Learning Week at ToU

Learning in an engaged community

Beyond the studying, Tomorrow University fosters a vibrant and inclusive community. With a rich calendar of community events, online hangouts, and in-person meetups, learners forge connections that extend far beyond the digital realm. What sets Tomorrow University apart is its commitment to industry engagement, allowing learners to interact with prominent industry leaders and participate in challenges designed by top companies. This emphasis on community and industry integration not only enhances the overall educational experience but also prepares learners for a successful and impactful future in their chosen fields.

Advantages of online learning flexibility in statistics

The impact of flexible online learning on learners' lives is not just anecdotal; it's backed by compelling statistics that showcase its transformative power:

  • Higher completion rates: According to a study by the Online Learning Consortium, flexible online courses yield higher completion rates than traditional in-person courses. This can be attributed to learners' ability to tailor their study time to peak productivity hours.
  • Improved work-life-study balance: The National Center for Education Statistics reports that 85% of learners enrolled in online courses are simultaneously employed. The flexibility of these programs allows working professionals to enhance their skills without compromising their careers.
  • Enhanced engagement: A survey by Educause Review indicates that learners in flexible online learning environments often have increased engagement with course materials. The ability to choose when and how to engage with content leads to a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
  • Diverse global reach: Flexible learning transcends geographical barriers. Tomorrow University's approach enables learners worldwide to access quality education without relocating, fostering a diverse and enriching learning community.

Empowering the change makers of tomorrow, today

In a time where adaptability and lifelong learning are vital, Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences is at the forefront of redefining education. By offering a flexible learning experience that aligns with the realities of modern life, the university empowers individuals to pursue higher education without sacrificing their current commitments. The statistics speak volumes about the benefits of this approach, confirming that flexibility not only supports academic success but also enhances overall well-being.

If you're yearning for a learning journey that molds itself around your life, Tomorrow University is the bridge between your aspirations and your reality. Embrace flexibility, seize control of your education, and embark on a path that truly belongs to you. Your tomorrow starts here. Get a glimpse into the routines and schedules of current ToU learners.

  • Julia Rosner, Head of Community & Program Delivery: As the Head of Community & Program Delivery, Julia had the chance to collaborate with learners from all over the world. Some of these learners juggle full-time jobs, even living on the road while pursuing their degrees. Others manage the dual responsibilities of launching startups and studying responsible entrepreneurship. Julia believes that the flexible learning model greatly contributes to enabling these learners to create positive impacts.
  • Lucas Schaefer, Master’s Degree Learner: During a typical week, Lucas Schaefer manages his schedule by fitting in Tomorrow University around his work days. He designates three week work days to slot in university activities, whether early morning or after work. For instance, on Monday nights, he prepares for course discussions with peers, Tuesday nights are reserved for course discussions, and he dedicates Thursday's early mornings and late nights to working through lessons in the ToU mobile-app. Saturdays become a full day off, while Sundays are dubbed "CHALLENGE DAY." This day is particularly important when there's a deadline approaching.
  • Maria Alejandra, Master’s Degree Learner: A regular week at Tomorrow University involves Maria Alejandra carefully balancing her work and studies. The week's rhythm varies based on her workload, making it a dynamic journey. She aims to stick to her schedule and dedicates about two hours daily to focused studying. When the weekend comes around, she steps up her game, immersing herself in studies more intensely. Based in Vienna, she also seizes the opportunity to occasionally visit the WU campus. These visits help her connect with fellow learners and maximize focused study time over the weekend.
  • Eilecia Bovard, Master’s Degree Learner: Managing a degree program alongside life's demands requires a well-organized approach. In Eilecia’s daily life, she divides her day into time slots dedicated to specific tasks, like family, work, health, and studies. This method helps her efficiently tackle meetings and prioritize tasks with approaching deadlines. One aspect she appreciates about Tomorrow University is its flexibility, which allows her to start her day with a "class" and use open calendar spots for study breaks. This approach keeps her schedule balanced and ensures steady progress in her studies.
  • Raffael Winkler, Master’s Degree Learner: Raffael Winkler's weekly routine involves a diverse set of activities. On a typical Monday, he begins his day with a bicycle commute to work, engaging in coffee chats with colleagues before focusing on work tasks. Throughout the day, he occasionally checks ToU Slack channels for updates. After work, he returns home, prepares dinner, and participates in a 6 p.m. kick-off session, often centered on topics like "Build with Generative AI." Conversations with fellow learners contribute to the sense of community in online learning. His work-filled Monday transitioned into varying work dynamics between Tuesday and Thursday — working from home or the office, depending on his schedule. He engages with ToU lessons, sometimes integrating yoga during lunch breaks for balance. Fridays are his non-work days since he reduced his work hours to 30 weekly. His Friday schedule revolves around his lesson progress, appointments with university colleagues, and private commitments in the city. He also devotes time to personal projects, like a startup, which evolved from initial ToU tasks to a larger endeavor involving research and teamwork. Weekends are a mix of social and academic pursuits. Saturdays provide opportunities for friend meetups and outdoor activities, while Sundays are dedicated to ToU work. His weekend winds down with Sunday afternoon volleyball, followed by dinner and preparations for the upcoming week.
  • Henrique Mattos, Master’s Degree Learner: A typical week at Tomorrow University infuses Henrique with creativity and inspiration, motivating him to excel at his work. His full-time job as a Software Developer at a supportive company allows him to balance his work, studies, health, and social connections. Working from home eliminates the commute, providing more time for studies. On days with virtual campus appointments, he wraps up work early to prepare for program discussions. The engaging content of the challenges keeps him involved, even on weekends. He recalls Saturdays spent learning about sustainable energy at a museum or contemplating urban transportation while on a train. Discussions on entrepreneurship and technological revolutions resonate deeply. After meetings, he connects with colleagues for 1-on-1 sessions. All in all, he invests around four hours on these days, including short breaks. Weekends also include time for the campus, primarily on Saturdays or Sundays when his working group is available. Despite his busy schedule, Henrique dedicates time to fitness or running every weekday, often alone with music. Dinner is a cherished time with his girlfriend, allowing for quality moments together.
  • Merle Becker, Master’s Degree Learner: When she first started at ToU, Merle Becker planned to set aside time for studying every Friday and a couple of evenings during the week. However, life often threw curveballs. As a self-employed presenter, her Fridays could involve work commitments or important calls, while the weekdays might involve travel or caring for her children. Fortunately, the flexibility of ToUs concept came to her rescue. Some weeks stick to her original plan, while others require a complete reshuffling. Regardless, she's managed to stay on top of everything. These days, she plans her week anew based on workloads and the complexity of challenges. Running twice a week helps her clear her mind, often accompanied by study-related audiobooks. The forest and movement recharge her, preparing her for focused study sessions.
  • Ahmad Rufai Yusuf, Bachelor of Science in AI & Sustainable Technologies Learner: Ahmad effectively manages his academic obligations and daily commitments throughout the week at Tomorrow University.  His regular commitments include working as a construction site supervisor on certain days and taking on the role of a product designer for personal projects on other days. He allocates time for focused study sessions at night, engaging in stimulating discussions that keep him mentally engaged. The virtual campus enables seamless collaboration with his group, regardless of global locations, ensuring effective teamwork. Despite his packed schedule, Ahmad prioritizes his well-being, engaging in exercise sessions for weekly rejuvenation. His dedication to striking a harmonious balance between work, life, and studies is a positive example for his peers. Beyond academic advancement, Tomorrow University hones his time management skills, paving the way for a rewarding journey.
  • Andrea Brizuela, Bachelor of Arts in Responsible Entrepreneurship & Management Learner: Juggling a full-time job while pursuing a degree can pose challenges, but Andrea Brizuela's experience has taught her that organization is key. Through trial and error, she's found that flexibility is a plus, allowing her to tailor her schedule to her time zone and location. The Tomorrow University team and community have been a pillar of support, ready to assist whenever needed.
  • Barbara Strasser, Bachelor of Arts in Responsible Entrepreneurship & Management Learner: Barbara manages a full-time job and intensive studies at Tomorrow University smoothly. This is possible due to her job's flexibility and ToUs adaptable approach. Even though it might seem spontaneous, her study routine is well-structured. She prioritizes attending weekly live sessions after work, and she often joins these sessions even from her office. She also dedicates her evenings and weekends to meeting specific dates for completing exercises and learning materials. Barbara's ability to plan allows her to handle unexpected situations. What helps her succeed is her genuine interest in what she's learning, which matches her values and future goals. This blend of factors turns her learning journey into something fulfilling, blurring the lines between formal education and personal growth.

To learn more about the flexible learning approach, download our brochure and connect with our Admissions Team.

Laurel Martello
Content Marketing & Social Media Manager
Laurel Martello
Content Marketing & Social Media Manager

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