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Impact MBA expands worldwide on Apple Vision Pro!

Christina Gaither
Head of Brand Marketing & Communications

Experience our Impact MBA on Apple Vision Pro: now available in Germany, UK, France, Canada.

Expanding globally with cutting-edge technology

We're excited to share a big milestone! Our Impact MBA is expanding globally on the Apple Vision Pro, showing just how committed we are to bringing you the best in innovative education. With this cutting-edge technology, we're enhancing learning and building a stronger community.

Starting in July, the Apple Vision Pro will be available in new markets like Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, and South Korea. We’re proud to be the first university to offer an online MBA on the Vision Pro. And guess what? The next intake will kick off this September along with our Bachelors, Masters and MBA programs. And guess what? The next intake will kick off this September along with our Bachelors, Masters and MBA programs.

"Tomorrow University is leading the way in educational innovation, and our partnership with Apple Vision Pro proves it," says Christian Rebernik, our CEO and Co-Founder. "By expanding our Impact MBA program to new markets, we’re empowering more learners to drive sustainable innovation and make meaningful contributions to their industries.”

⬇️ Download our brochure to learn more about this course.

What makes the Impact MBA on Vision Pro so special?

  • 👓 Immersive learning: Dive into your studies with the Vision Pro’s advanced mixed-reality tech. Think 3D visualizations and interactive simulations that make complex concepts easier to grasp and apply in real-world situations.
  • ✋ Enhanced collaboration: Virtual classrooms and meeting spaces mean you can easily interact with your peers and mentors, no matter where you are. It's all about building a strong, collaborative community.
  • 📆 Personalized learning journeys: Your education, your way. With customizable features, specialized tracks, and extracurricular activities, you can tailor your learning to match your career goals and personal mission.
  • 💻  Real-time data interaction: Get hands-on with real-time data and analytics in a virtual space. It's a practical approach to understanding and solving business problems.
  • ⏱️ On-demand learning: Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. The Vision Pro platform is accessible on any mobile device, so you can challenge yourself and develop new skills whenever it suits you.
  • 👔 Continuous support: Our dedicated faculty are here to guide you every step of the way, offering ongoing support to ensure you succeed in your educational journey.
  • 🎓 Weekly expert sessions: Tune into group sessions with industry leaders and mentors. Gain insights, stay updated on trends, and expand your knowledge.
  • 👭 Peer group engagement: Connect with your peers through knowledge sharing, book clubs, interest groups, and in-depth discussions. It’s all about enriching your learning experience and building meaningful connections.

The MBA for future leaders

Focus on sustainability, innovation, and leadership

Our Impact MBA in Sustainability, Innovation, and Leadership is crafted to equip future leaders with the skills they need to drive sustainable change and innovation. The curriculum is practical and impact-focused, preparing graduates to tackle today’s business challenges with innovative and sustainable solutions.

Designed to cater to diverse life missions, impact visions, and business goals, our personalized curriculum ensures that every unique journey, no matter the ambition, is fully supported and nurtured. You can either build your own specialization by choosing the elective modules that most align with your goals, or follow any one of our specialized program paths.

Sustainable Business Transformation
Responsible Entrepreneurship & Technology
ESG Management
New Work & Organizational Psychology
Green Energy, Tech & AI
Green Marketing & Innovation
Climate Leadership

Official state recognition and accreditation

We’re proud to be the first EdTech to become an official state-recognized university in Europe. As an official state-recognized German university, we blend quality, innovation, and flexibility to provide you with a world-class education. Our Impact MBA program is accredited by the Accreditation, Certification, and Quality Assurance Institute (ACQUIN), meeting the rigorous standards set by Germany’s Official Accreditation Council.

At Tomorrow University, we’re passionate about revolutionizing education to make a global impact. We are thrilled to offer this immersive educational experience to more learners and enhance our community connections with Apple Vision Pro.

Learn more about the world's most immersive MBA here, or sign-up below to receive a brochure with detailed information about our Impact MBA with Apple Vision Pro.

Christina Gaither
Head of Brand Marketing & Communications
Christina Gaither
Head of Brand Marketing & Communications

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