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Meet the Inspiring Speakers of Our Mission Identification Trial Challenge

Julia Rosner

What do all successful people have in common? They have a clear personal mission that guides them through life and helps them achieve their maximum impact.

Would you benefit from more clarity and confidence in your personal mission? At Tomorrow University you have a unique opportunity to explore your values, strengths, and purpose during our 3-week Mission Identification Trial Challenge!

During this 3-week program, you’ll identify your mission and start carving your path towards a meaningful and impactful career and life. And not just that. You’ll meet inspiring people on the same mission as you and learn from some of Germany’s most inspiring entrepreneurs, investors, and coaches.

We’ve invited five amazing entrepreneurs to share their journeys, insights, and vision for future change makers like yourself. Here’s a bit more about these inspiring guest speakers:

  • Tim Schumacher is a true entrepreneur at heart, empowering the next generation to invest their entrepreneurial talent in building solutions that drive positive change. Two years ago he founded the World Fund, a €350M VC fund to back entrepreneurs building climate tech for a regenerative world.
  • Anna Lüling is a truly inspiring coach who empowers individuals and organizations to reach their own definition of success. She’s the Head Coach of John Strelecky, the Bestseller Author of the Big Five for Life, and organizes transformative events and coachings across Europe. 
  • Holger Seim is an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for empowering organizations to provide inspiration for growth and build curious minds in their teams. Ten years ago he founded Blinkist, one of Europe’s most successful Edtech Success Stories, and just exited it to reach even more people. 
  • Nora Dietrich is a seasoned mental health expert with a passion for healthy organizations fostering workplaces that genuinely put their people first. She has been working with companies like Mercedes-Benz, SoundCloud, and PwC to motivate teams to leap into new and healthy working methods. 
  • Dr. Thomas Funke, a visionary entrepreneur, has founded several successful ventures and currently is the Co-Founder & CEO of ToU.

Ready to grow while learning from these inspiring people? Start your application and apply for our next intake to join our Trial Challenge and identify your personal mission.

Julia Rosner
Julia Rosner

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