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Mission Identification

Defining your purpose and developing your personal mission statement are the foundations of your personal and professional success. This program is for anybody looking to turn their ideas into an action-oriented path. Whether you think you are crystal clear but need help with an actionable plan or don’t know exactly what your next move is, this program is for you. Meet the impact leaders who will guide you during the challenge.
In this challenge you will learn from Inspiring Speakers like:
Anna Lüling
Leadership Coach
Holger Seim
Education Startup Founder
Nora Dietrich
Mental Health Expert
Tim Schumacher
Climate Tech Investor
Dr. Thomas Funke
Co-Founder ToU
Antonia Götsch
Leadership Expert
Carolin Stüdemann
NGO Leader
Lubomila Jordanova
Startup Founder
In this challenge you will learn from AI Experts like:
Adrian Locher
AI Entrepreneur
Pascal Weinberger
AI Innovator
Trent McConaghy
AI Pioneer
Fabian Westerheide
AI Strategist
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Trial Challenge
Mission Identification
24th of March 2024

The Challenge

Develop a personal mission statement and explore your values, strengths, and passions through immersive tasks and discussions to advance your career. You’ll earn 5 ECTS credits that can be applied to a full degree program. Become a lifelong learner with us.


Upon successfully completing the challenge, you'll receive a digital certificate that can be shared with your personal and professional networks.

Identify Your Purpose, Define Your Life

This Challenge is essential to identifying your purpose and developing your personal mission statement. Identifying your purpose will help you navigate your path throughout your life. A significant part of the challenge is to share your mission statement with others. This is particularly important as feedback will help you to grow.

Identify your purpose

Your first task is to consider your purpose. The lessons provided here (How to get to your why and Tips to Find Your Purpose) will help you to dig deep and come up with your purpose.

Create your personal mission statement

Now you are ready to define your personal mission statement, aligned with your purpose. You'll complete lessons that give you the tools to create a thoughtful statement and confidently write it down.

Analyze company mission statements

Next, you'll find and analyze the mission statements of 3 to 5 companies. Get inspired by the companies whose values you align with and gain clarity.

Challenge discussion

After comparing the 3-5 company mission statements with your own, you'll participate in lively conversations with your peers and mentors to evaluate them. Get ready to reflect and make changes to your mission statement.

Share your personal mission statement

Finally, you'll refine and extend your personal mission statement based on the  comments from your peers, what you have learned from the company mission statements, and the input from the challenge discussion.

Who is this program for?

Are you hoping to accelerate your professional success and sustainable impact in a community? Build your network with people from around the globe who are carefully selected to ensure a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and goals.

You want to become...
A Business Executive
A Change Maker
An Entrepreneur
An Inspirational Leader
Learn by doing

Experience real "learning by doing" in an international environment

Network and community

Engage your network and new global community to speed up your impact and get noticed


Receive guidance from industry leaders and mentors who are already thriving in successful careers


Grow your network with peers from around the world in a remote-first setting

Challenge Starts on:

25th of March 2024

Here are some dates to keep in mind for you to successfully join our next intake.

Application Deadline
24th of March 2024
Trial Challenge Starts
25th of March 2024

Upon successfully completing the the Impact Degree in GreenTech, you'll receive a digital certificate that can be shared with your personal and professional networks.

Meet Your Program Director

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Program Director, Co-Founder & CEO of ToU
Dr. Thomas Funke
Academic and entrepreneur, Dr. Thomas Funke is the Co-Founder & CEO of Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences. Funke has always been an impassioned entrepreneur and also holds over 15 years of experience in the education sector. Thomas is building the university for a better tomorrow to help change makers and aspiring sustainable leaders make an impact on our future.

The Mission Identification challenge helped me to set priorities and gain clarity. By the end of the challenge, I was able to set a goal in a realistic time period while building my network in a dedicated community.

Maria Rivero
Master's Degree Learner

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