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ToU University Council

Laurel Martello

Meet the Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences University Council

ToU was founded by Christian Rebernik and Dr. Thomas Funke with a mission of helping learners to develop 21st-century skills and empowering them to make a sustainable impact. To support this mission, a diverse group of leaders was selected as valued members of the University Council.

The University Council is the governing body that oversees the activities of universities. It is made up of a group of individuals, including academic and non-academic staff, students, and community representatives. The council is responsible for making decisions that affect the university, including budgeting, strategic planning, and policy development.

Functions and responsibilities

The University Council has several functions and responsibilities. These include:

-Strategic Planning: The council is responsible for developing and implementing the university’s strategic plan. This involves setting the university’s vision and mission, identifying priorities, and allocating resources to achieve its objectives.

-Budgeting: The council is responsible for approving the university’s budget. This involves reviewing and approving the budget proposal, monitoring budget implementation, and making adjustments as necessary.

-Policy Development: The council is responsible for developing and reviewing policies that govern the university’s operations. These policies may include academic policies, administrative policies, and financial policies.

-Appointments: The council is responsible for appointing senior management positions, including the vice-chancellor and other senior executives.

-Oversight: The council is responsible for overseeing the university’s activities and ensuring that it is operating in accordance with its mission, vision, and values. This includes monitoring the university’s performance, conducting audits, and reviewing reports.

Co-Founder, Christian Rebernik states:

“The University Council for ToU has been carefully selected — we know these members will bring their experience and expertise to further our mission in making a better tomorrow starting today.”

Co-Founder, Dr. Thomas Funke states:

"I'm honored that in just over a year of founding Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences, we are welcoming our University Council. This group of outstanding individuals will offer their expertise and play an instrumental role in our continued growth."

The University Council supports ToUs values:

We strive for impact for a better tomorrow

We learn through curiosity

We grow as a community

We enable opportunities

We take responsibility

Learn more about each of these outstanding individuals and their dedication to making an impact:

Céline Flores Willers

Céline Flores Willers is one of the best-known German influencers on LinkedIn, known for her contributions on the topics of innovation, entrepreneurship, and future trends. She was recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice in 2018 and 2019 — now hailing a following of over 100,000 professionals. Céline provides her expertise in the field of personal branding and corporate influencing through various training formats, and digital products for teams and individuals. Due to popular demand, Céline has spun spun off her project as a company, "The People Branding Company" to her clients, including many well-known companies, such as Accenture, SAP, Fujitsu, and IBM. Since the beginning of 2021, Céline has also been able to become a co-editor & co-author of the Spiegel bestseller “Future Republic.”

"Can you still use the knowledge from your studies today? I can't. Isn't that terrible? You invest 3, 6, or even more years for a degree on paper, but are practically unable to survive in the real world. I never felt like my skill set paid off in solving real problems. Tomorrow University wants to change that. It's about making our generation and the next generations fit to tackle the really big issues of our society. Since education is the key to our future, Tomorrow University will be one of the foundations. Being on the University Council to work on this vision is an honor for me."

Daniel Jung

Daniel Jung is one of the leading minds in digital education. He reaches millions of people through his social media channels and manages to make complicated mathematical content available to anyone, anytime. Through the new learning platform “”, he completes his educational journey as one of Germany’s leading educational visionaries, with the goal of educational justice.

"We are at a turning point in learning and teaching that we have never experienced in 1.000 years. Tomorrow University of Applied Science offers an online environment that prepares you for the big challenges in the future. I'm excited to support the University Council to constantly develop the best learning journey for every student."

Reinhard Prügl

Reinhard Prügl was born and raised in the Austrian Winequarter (the ‘Grüner Veltliner’ region), was trained as a mechanical engineer, studied International Business at and holds a doctoral degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from WU Vienna. He is a Professor for Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship as well as Founding Director of FIF, the Institute for Family Entrepreneurship, at Zeppelin University at Lake Constance. 

"Solving the big challenges ahead needs entrepreneurial minds and innovative action, instant communication and trustful cooperation around the globe, as well as mission-driven people creating the learning space where entrepreneurial minds are empowered and encouraged to get it done. As challenge-based learning is at the core of Tomorrow University, it is a real honor to get the chance to contribute to the co-creation of the university of tomorrow by joining the council of Tomorrow University."

Eliot Gattegno

Eliot Gattegno is Head of Education at On Deck and Professor of Business Administration at Minerva University. Previously, he has served in senior administrative and faculty roles at University of Michigan Ross School of Business and School of Education, New York University, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has also worked with organizations such as Google Creative Labs, LEGO, and Continental developing new programs that explore the space between technology, learning, and the arts — and what can happen where they intersect. His writings have been published in outlets ranging from Oxford University Press to Techcrunch, NBC News, and Quartz. He studied at Harvard University, Stanford University, New England Conservatory, and also has a doctorate from UC San Diego. He is also a critically acclaimed classical musician by The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times, and has performed at venues including Carnegie Hall and with the New York Philharmonic and Boston Symphony Orchestra.

“Our world has never had a greater need for people with the capacity and the courage to think and act critically and creatively. And there is no shortage of evidence to conclude that learning how to do so is the most important skill we humans can acquire, no matter what we choose to do in our lives. This conclusion is at the core of Tomorrow’s University’s mission and why I am honored to serve on the University Council.”

Dr. Kai Roemmelt

Kai is convinced that the change in higher education is just getting started. EdTech is the key to making affordable, high-end education accessible to anyone. Kai recently joined Best Associates to build businesses to address this challenge. Prior to this, he worked for 14 years for the German media, services, and education conglomerate Bertelsmann. Most recently, as Executive Vice President at the Bertelsmann Education Group where he was part of the founding team. During this time, Kai served as COO and CFO of the portfolio company Hotchalk, Inc. a leading university service provider that was successfully sold to Noodle, Inc in 2020. Kai also served as chairman of the board of WASC-accredited Alliant International University, where he led the turnaround of the Institution from decline to double-digit growth and profitability.

“Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences is one of the most innovative and ambitious projects in the global EdTech space. I am very excited to be able to contribute my experience and global perspective.”

Adeola Ogunwole

Adeola Ogunwole is a marketing executive with over 20 years of experience building and executing strategies to deliver brand awareness and customer acquisition for progressive, forward-thinking organizations globally. In her current role as Senior Director of Marketing & Communications at sennder, Adeola leads the brand engagement, communications, and customer acquisition strategy for Europe’s leading digital freight forwarder. Prior to sennder, Adeola has previously held several marketing leadership roles at various education organizations. She previously served as Vice President of Marketing at African Leadership University, Global Vice President of Marketing at Hult International Business School, and Director of Digital Marketing at Apollo Education. She received an MBA from Harvard Business School and her BA from Washington University in St. Louis.

“I’m thrilled to be joining the Tomorrow University Council as I am a firm believer in the continuous lifelong learning that Tomorrow champions. Marrying a growth mindset and technology will be key to building the sustainable future the world needs.”

Stephanie Kaiser

Stephanie Kaiser has been working on the development of digital products and the associated diverse teams and organizations for over 15 years. Most recently, she co-founded the digital health platform Heartbeat Labs, where she supported and accompanied five companies during their start-up. She has also been an honorary member of the Federal Government's Digital Council since 2018 and a member of the Supervisory Board of DigitalService4Germany since 2021. Her goal is to use digital solutions to facilitate access to healthcare and administrative services and thus improve care for citizens.

“I am honored to serve on the Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences University Council to bring optimism, the right tools, and mindset to a new generation of creators who can shape the future together.”

The transition to a sustainable society is humanity’s greatest challenge yet

We strongly believe that a bright, sustainable, and just future will be built by empowered and connected individuals who continuously develop and tap into their full potential as creators and innovators in a complex and ever-changing world. Council members bring to the university its deliberations a wide range of knowledge and expertise. We look forward to their contributions in this time of hyper-growth.

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