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Virtual Open Day at Tomorrow University

Maria Alejandra
Admissions Manager & Master's Degree Learner

Ready to build a more sustainable future?

Learn more about our programs and global community at our next Virtual Open Day! Reserve your spot here.

About our virtual open day

Visit us in our virtual campus and discover everything you need to know about Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences, the first Ed-Tech university designed exclusively for a remote-first learning experience!

Far from traditional universities, which simply "go" online, at ToU, we've purposefully built our entire model to be remote, flexible, and immersive from the ground up. Rather than creating video versions of your lectures, we've leveraged next-generation technology to craft an interactive online learning environment. Our Co-Founders & Co-CEOs, Christian Rebernik, and Dr. Thomas Funke, will kick off the open day by introducing you to our mission and learning method.

Experience a tour of our state-of-the-art ToU learning app and explore our campus firsthand. Engage with our mission-driven community of current learners and alumni who will be on hand to share their journeys and experiences with you.

If you have already found a program that aligns with your aspirations, we encourage you to join our team in the dedicated rooms tailored to each program.

These include our

and a wide selection of certificate programs.

Our Admissions Team will be available to answer questions you may have regarding the application process and funding.We look forward to virtually welcoming you to the ToU community and accompany you on your change maker journey.

Event highlights and agenda

(GMT+1) 25th June 2024

17:50h: Virtual doors open, join us in our event space

18:00-18:20h: Welcome to Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences

  • Moving around our Metaverse Campus
  • Kick-off with our Co-Founder Christian Rebernik
  • Learning Experience with our Co-Founder Dr. Thomas Funke
  • Learning on our ToU Mobile-App
  • Metaverse Campus Experience
  • Meet our Current Learners

18:20-19:00h: Deep-dive into our program portfolio

Course rooms:

  • Critical Thinking Classroom: The BA programs ResponsibleEntrepreneurship & Management and Artificial Intelligence& Sustainable Technologies
  • Global Consciousness Classroom: The MSc (CE) in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship & Technology and theImpact MBA in Sustainability, Innovation, and Leadership
  • Creative Intelligence Classroom: Our Certificate Programs

18:00-19:00h Admissions & registration

What to expect

  • Insightful presentations: Our Co-Founders, Christian Rebernik and Dr. Thomas Funke, will provide valuable insights into our mission and innovative learning approach.
  • Virtual campus tour: Take a guided tour of our cutting-edge virtual campus to get a feel for our immersive learning environment.
  • Program exploration: Discover our diverse program offerings including our Master of Science, MBA; and Bachelor's Degree programs.
  • Community connection: Engage with our vibrant community of current learners and alumni who will share their experiences and journeys with you.
  • Admissions guidance: Our Admissions Team will be on hand to answer all your questions about the application process, program details, and funding options.

It's your chance to explore Tomorrow University and kickstart your journey towards a more sustainable future.


Don't miss the opportunity to connect, network, experience our virtual campus, meet our community, and envision a promising future. Register now using the form below to join us.

Maria Alejandra
Admissions Manager & Master's Degree Learner
Maria Alejandra
Admissions Manager & Master's Degree Learner

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