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During our programs, you'll attend online discussions, study from wherever you are, and interact virtually with mentors and classmates. Choose a degree that sets you apart and prepares you to make an impact in Responsible Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Design & Product Management, and Artificial Intelligence & Sustainable Technologies.

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Choose a Degree That Sets You Apart

Bachelor of Arts

Turn your ideas into impactful solutions by learning what it takes to become a responsible entrepreneur. Gain competencies in business modeling, storytelling, business development & sales, venture capital, leadership, and customer development & prototyping, AI, ethics, sustainability, and much more. You could become the next founder our future needs.

Project Manager
Ops Manager
Growth Manager
Investment Associate
Bachelor of Arts
Sustainable Design & Product Management

You'll learn the theoretical knowledge and gain the practical skills needed to create the products of the 21st-century and beyond. We’re here to help create our societies most in demand products. Gain competencies in human-centered design, user experience, user research, visual design, agile product development, measuring, learning, entrepreneurship, and sustainability.

Product Designer
UX Designer
UI Designer
Interaction Designer
CX Designer
Service Designer
CX Manager
Product Manager
Bachelor of Science
Artificial Intelligence & Sustainable Technologies

Attain the must-have skills for the modern tech disruptor and innovator of tomorrow. Our future needs solutions and you’ll graduate prepared to create them. Gain competencies in AI, ethics, data structures and algorithms, machine learning, mathematical concepts, data visualization, sustainability, neuroscience, entrepreneurship, and data products.

Software Engineer
Data Engineer
Data Scientist
Machine Learning Engineer
Business Analytics Engineer
Business Intelligence Engineer

Discover Our

Bachelor of Arts
Responsible Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs and project managers are the all-rounders. They are the first to see opportunities where others see challenges. They master the fundamentals of technology, growth, and finance to successfully launch the ideas that will make a better tomorrow.

People that take this study usually end up as:
(Co-)Founder, Project Manager, Marketeer, Ops Manager, Growth Manager, Investment Associate
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences student
Bachelor of Arts
Sustainable Product Management

Product (experience) managers and designers understand users’ desires, needs, and motivations to design a user experience that is leveraged by technology. They develop strategies for digital services and products and coordinate their development.

People that take this study usually end up as:
Product Designer, UX / User Experience Designer, UI / User Interface Designer, Interaction Designer, Service Designer, CX / Customer Experience Designer, CX / Customer Experience Manager, Strategic Designer, Product Manager
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences student
Bachelor of Science
Artificial Intelligence & Sustainable Technologies

Data scientists and engineers are excellent problem solvers and master thinking skills with a hands-on mentality. They understand, analyze, and use data to build technology that makes our lives easier.

People that take this study usually end up as:
Software Developer, Software Engineer, Data engineer, ML / Machine Learning Engineer, Business Analytics Engineer, Business Intelligence Engineer
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences student

Build a Unique Mix of Competencies

As part of our interdisciplinary learning approach, you’ll explore multiple topics and fields simultaneously. The modules intertwine so that you graduate with a broader perspective.

Your unique path to becoming a creator of change:
Your journey starts: Discover you purpose

You’ll decide within your orientation semester whether you want to be an entrepreneur, product manager, or tech developer, and choose the focus that fits your purpose and desired outcome.

You find your path: Learn, connect, and engage with peers

After your orientation semester, you and your peers will solve learning challenges together and sharpen your change-making competencies in the fields of entrepreneurship, product, and technology.

You graduate: You're on your way to change the world

After six semesters you’ll take the leadership skills, mindset, and tools you've learned to start your impact-driven and transformational career.

We need resilient and value-based organizations. Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences empowers students from all around the world to not only learn the skills but build the mindset and network to thrive in an ever-changing world.
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences Ambassador Rolf Schrmoemgen
Rolf Schrömgen
Co-Founder Trivago
At ToU we entirely reinvent higher education. The method and curriculum will set undergraduate students up for success from the start.
CAO Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences Dr. Thomas Funke
Dr. Thomas Funke
Co-Founder & CEO ToU

Become an Entrepreneur,
Product Manager or Techie.
A better tomorrow starts with you.

We judge an excellent education on its ability to help you reach your potential and
make an impact. Here are some paths you might find yourself in after graduating.

Business Developer
Chief of Staff
Project Manager
Investment Manager
Sustainable Design & Product Management
Product Manager
Product Designer
Graphic Designer
Interaction Designer
Product Lead
Product Experience Analyst
Artificial Intelligence & Sustainable Technologies
Growth Manager
Data Scientist
Frontend Dev
Backend Dev
Investment Manager

Program Specs

Pursuing an online Bachelor’s Degree with one of our three tracks will guide you to become the next unicorn our society needs. You'll achieve this with your community of international and mission-driven change makers and through our challenge-based learning method.

36 months
180 ECTS
Fibaa (in process of accreditation)
Rolling admissions, apply or book a call for consideration
Max. 25 learners
€19.800 in total for 3 year program (€6.600/year)
Scholarships, early application fee reduction, and finacncing options available for all learners
Stock options for the first applicants

Your Mentors

Learn from industry experts, disruptors, and

Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences Ambassador Tom Sadowski
Tom Sadowski
Former Head of App Store DACH
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences Ambassador Lubomila Jordanova
Lubomila Jordanova
Co-Founder Greentech Alliance & Plan A
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences Ambassador Christian Kroll
Chrisian Kroll
CEO & Founder
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences Ambassador Verena Pausder
Verena Pausder
Entrepreneur &
Founder HABA Digital
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences Ambassador Jag Singh
Jag Singh
Managing Director
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences Ambassador Muna Ali
Muna Ali
Vice President & Asia
Pacific Head Social
Impact Visa
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences Ambassador Ali Mahlodji
Ali Mahlodji
Founder Whatchado &
Future, Keynote
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences Ambassador Ingo Dahm
Ingo Dahm
CEO & Founder Capacura
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences Ambassador Paul Harwood
Paul Hardwood
Former Market
Research Lead Twitter
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences Ambassador Esther Bahne
Esther Bahne
Former Global Head of Strategy and Innovation BMW
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences Impact Hubs

Connect Globally

The world is your campus. We designed our bachelor’s programs for you to grow and explore as you learn. You can take your studies to the beach or learn in the heart of the German capital. Your education happens wherever you are. We partner with Impact Hub to provide you access to 100+ learning hubs around the world.

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