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Enroll now to earn a globally renowned online Master's Degree from a prominent European university. As part of our application process, we maintain close ties with WU Executive Academy, our partner, to keep you up-to-date at every step of your journey. Explore our range of scholarships and early application tuition credit options. You can begin your application today or reach out to us for further assistance, as we are fully prepared to guide you through the process.

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Application process

Our application process is straightforward.
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Our Admissions Team is ready to assist you. Don't hesitate to book a meeting — we've got the answers to your questions!
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Am I eligible?
Fill out our web-form or reach out to the team to learn if you're eligible for our program.
We want to learn more about you
Submit a video or a paragraph outlining your personal mission statement and motivation for joining the Master's program. Learn about personal mission statements on our blog.
ToU reviews your application
We have a look at your application and background to get to know you better.
WU Executive Academy reviews your application
We’ll ask you to submit information to WU Executive Academy (our university partner) for them to have a look at your background and experience.
Interview time
You’re invited to attend an application interview with WU Executive Academy.
Sign contract
If approved, you’ll sign an admissions contract and send your initial tuition down-payment.
Start learning
Onboard and start your journey with ToU and your global student cohort!

Join our next intake

seats are limited

Here are some dates to keep in mind
during the application process.

Spring Intake: 13th of May 2024
Super Early Bird: 16th of April 2024
Final deadline: 16th of April 2024
€3.000 tuition reduction
Full tuition
Autumn Intake: 23rd of September 2024
Super Early Bird: 2nd of July 2024
Early Bird: 30th of July 2024
Final deadline: 27th of August 2024
€3.000 tuition reduction
€2.000 tuition reduction
Full tuition
Winter Intake: 25th of November 2024
Super Early Bird: 3rd of September 2024
Early Bird: 1st of October 2024
Final deadline: 29th of October 2024
€3.000 tuition reduction
€2.000 tuition reduction
Full tuition
Rolling Admissions
Apply now to secure your spot.

Flexible tuition to finance your Master's

We want to help you finance your future. We’re committed to making our program both accessible and inclusive to everyone.

Applicants can receive a scholarship grant of up to €6.000 as well as tuition reduction for early application.

Depending on your country of residence further reduction programs may apply. Get in touch with our Admissions Team for consultancy.

Start your application today.

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Learn how you can apply

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Dr. Thomas Funke
Co-Founder & CEO
Maria Rivero
Learner & Admissions Manager
Let us support you!
Book a call with our
Admissions Team
Dr. Thomas Funke
Co-Founder & CEO
Maria Rivero
Learner & Admissions Manager

Your future, starting today

Begin your application by answering a few questions about yourself.

I love the learning experience at Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences because it is built on digital education combined with actionable and practical challenges.
Isabel Sum
ToU Learner

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