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Redefining Tomorrow: A New Chapter in Sustainable Leadership Education

Maria Birnbaum
Social Media Coordinator & Copywriter

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Impact MBA programs at Tomorrow University. These programs are tailored for everyone passionate about making a positive impact in their organizations, industry, and society.

The potential benefits of sustainable practices are enormous, with the potential to unlock $12 trillion in opportunities annually and create 380 million jobs across all sectors. This is a ray of hope in times of climate change and future uncertainties. However, the reality is that right now, only 50% of organizations feel effective in their sustainability practices. Additionally, 35% of companies struggle to recruit talent with the relevant expertise to tackle the various environmental and social challenges we face today.

This highlights the urgent need to develop specialist skills across the business spectrum to mediate and prepare businesses for future legislation, consumer demands, and working environments.

Our Impact MBA programs are designed to support professionals who want to make a positive impact and act as emerging leaders in this movement for a more sustainable future. Focusing on specific areas such as green marketing, renewable energies, sustainable technologies, carbon accounting, and impact measurement, our programs cater to professionals across HR, accounting, business development, IT, operations, marketing, stakeholder management, consultancy, and leadership.

In this video, our founder, Thomas Funke, will guide you through some of the unique features of these programs in a video.

Tomorrow University's Impact MBA: A Catalyst for Change

Following on the success of our flagship MBA program in Sustainability, Innovation, and Leadership, our new Impact MBA offer specialized learning for…  programs to cater to the diverse needs of professionals across sectors.

  1. Design Your Own Impact Journey: Customize your learning path with over 25 specialized elective modules in sustainability, technology, leadership, and innovation.
  2. Impact MBA in Responsible Entrepreneurship & Technology: Equips you with the mindset, technological literacy, and business acumen to lead new ventures with confidence and navigate the challenges of sustainable and technological transformation.
  3. Impact MBA in Sustainable Business Transformation: Empowers you with skills and mindset needed to transform your organization and industry from within.
  4. Impact MBA in New Work & Organizational Psychology: Addressing the dynamics of the modern workforce, preparing leaders to create psychologically healthy and effective work environments.
  5. Impact MBA in Green Energy, Tech & AI: Tailored for tech, business development, and operations professionals, driving sustainable digital transformation and blending renewable energy solutions with AI.
  6. Impact MBA in Climate Leadership: Empowering professionals to champion sustainability initiatives using climate science, creating sustainability role models within their industries.
  7. Impact MBA in ESG Management: A compass for navigating the evolving landscape of environmental legislation and climate agendas, guiding professionals towards ESG excellence.
  8. Impact MBA in Green Marketing & Innovation: Specially designed for business and marketing professionals, integrating sustainable principles into marketing and brand development strategies.

A University Shaping the Future

At Tomorrow University, our mission extends beyond preparing learners for future challenges; it's about empowering them to redefine the future itself. Recognized as the 'Top Innovative EdTech Institution in Europe and Globally' for three consecutive years, the university leads the charge in ethical business development and innovative education for sustainable development goals. As members of Life for Climate Action, Tomorrow University stands at the forefront of a revolution.

Join us in shaping a sustainable future. Explore the Impact MBA programs and be part of the transformation.

Maria Birnbaum
Social Media Coordinator & Copywriter
Maria Birnbaum
Social Media Coordinator & Copywriter

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