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Green Energy, Tech & AI

In the Impact MBA in Green Energy, Tech & AI, you will discover a program tailored for aspiring business leaders like yourself, driven by a passion for harnessing AI to pioneer green energy solutions.

Delve into the complexities of climate change, economic transitions, and technological innovations as you learn to lead the integration of AI and sustainable technologies.

Empower yourself to drive transformative change in organizations and industries, guiding them towards greener practices in our increasingly tech-centric landscape.

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Impact MBA

Green Energy, Tech & AI

Green Tech & Human-AI Collaboration

This pillar explores the potential of new technologies and AI in combating global climate change, by considering the sustainability of AI itself, such as carbon emissions from machine learning, and focusing on designing systems in which humans and artificial intelligence work together to achieve common goals.

Clean Energy

This pillar addresses the vital challenge of climate change and its impact on society, focusing on the transition to green and renewable energy sources like hydro, wind, and solar. Learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of the energy conversion processes in renewable technologies and acquire specialized knowledge in selected renewable energy fields, such as green mobility.

Responsible Innovation

The innovation pillar helps you develop the tools, processes and methodologies needed to generate and implement innovations that transform organizations from within. Centered around a transparency and interactivity, you’ll come up with new processes, products and business models that improve our lives while not harming our environment.

Learn the Skills for a Better Tomorrow, Starting Today

The business landscape of tomorrow demands innovative and solution-oriented professionals who are dedicated to shaping a more sustainable future.

Innovate businesses responsibly by learning how AI and green energy systems can revolutionize them into competitive, sustainable entities.

Master the integration of advanced sustainable technologies in business, understanding climate science and renewable energy principles for green tech development.-

Delve into human-AI collaboration systems, enhancing AI-assisted decision-making and creating human-AI co-creation products.

Cultivate tech-savvy leadership skills to drive significant environmental impact with innovative and strategic green tech solutions.

Embark on a transformative journey, shaping a future where technology and sustainability converge.

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Adrian Locher
"Revolutionizing industries with the synergy of green energy and cutting-edge technology - your journey towards innovation starts here."
Founder & CEO of Merantix
"The program allows for a flow-like interaction of work and study. When I'm finished with work, I can start to learn on the app and get on with my solo and group challenges. All customized to my schedule, not the university."
ToU Learner
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences student Anthony Obiri-Yeboah
"I always thought that I didn’t fit into today's education system, which hasn't changed for ages. I thought I would never go back to school until I found out about ToU and the opportunity to experience tomorrow's education today!"
ToU Learner
“Tomorrow’s Education allows for a flow-like interaction of work and study. When I'm finished with work, I can start to learn on the app and get on with my solo and group challenges. All customized to my schedule, not the university's.”
ToU Learner
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences student Isabel Sum
“I love the learning experience at Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences because it is built on digital education combined with actionable and practical challenges.”
ToU Learner
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences student Anthony Obiri-Yeboah
“I always thought that I didn’t fit into today's education system, which hasn't changed for ages. I thought I would never go back to school until I found out about ToU and the opportunity to experience tomorrow's education today!”
ToU Learner

Connect with a diverse & global community

Access personalized and experiential learning as you engage and grow alongside a flourishing network of purpose-driven individuals.
At ToU, the world is at your fingertips.

Global professional network
Join the largest community of impact-driven leaders from +50 nationalities. Our learners work for companies such as: Deutsche Bank, ExxonMobil, SAP, Climate-KIC, Deloitte, Deutsche Bahn, IBM, ING, Mattel, Microsoft, Nike, PwC, Riot Games, Siemens, Tesla, Weleda and more.
100% remote & flexible learning
Easily integrate your learning into your busy work and lifestyle. With full-time and part-time options, asynchronous lessons, and only one live evening session per week, 86% of our students work full-time while completing their studies at a pace that suits them.
Online events
Wide ranging community events with industry experts and countless opportunities for you to gain insights, network with professionals, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations.
In-person meetups
Meet-ups, workshops and conferences in city hubs across Europe provide learners with opportunities to connect, network and foster relationships in real life.
Unique virtual campus experience
Our platform is designed for convenience and global connectivity. Immerse yourself in a virtual campus, where you can access countless resources and network with peers.
World-class network & Mentoring
Gain access to an expansive network of industry leaders, innovators and experts, providing invaluable guidance and support for your personal and professional growth.
No exams, just action. Engage in interactive and experiential learning where you’ll be challenged to use your critical and creative thinking skills to solve the greatest challenges of our times.

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Upon successfully completing the the Impact Degree in GreenTech, you'll receive a digital certificate that can be shared with your personal and professional networks.

Change through challenge

Unlock essential 21st-century skills with our innovative challenge-based learning approach at Tomorrow University.

You'll be immersed in real-world scenarios, collaborating with industry experts and corporate partners to tackle challenges based on actual business issues.

This unique educational journey transcends traditional learning, actively involving you in problem-solving and decision-making.

Through this dynamic approach, you'll develop critical, adaptable, and practical skills, equipping you to make a meaningful impact in today's complex professional environments.

Track your progress in real-time

At Tomorrow University, your progress is measured not by exams but through skill assessments derived from practical projects, providing a more relevant and hands-on approach to tracking your learning progress.

To monitor your growth, you'll have access to a personal competency profile, providing an interactive way to track and reflect on your evolving skill set.

Meet your academic guides

Meet the dedicated team of academics, ready to guide and support you throughout your entire journey.
Dr. Maren Ingrid Kropfeld
Impact MBA Program Director, Professor of Sustainability & Entrepreneurship
Dr. Thomas Maidorfer
Dr. Thomas Maidorfer, Professor of Strategy & Leadership, Impact MBA Co-Program Director
Dr. Dr. Ana-Maria Olteteanu
Professor of Artificial Intelligence & Sustainable Technologies
Dr. Maximilian Lude
Professor of Innovation & Strategy
Dr. Daniela Peukert
Professor of Design for Sustainability Transformation
Dr. Sami Asad
Professor of Sustainability & Ecology
Dr. Thomas Funke
Founder & Professor of Sustainability & Entrepreneurship

Program specs

Pursuing an accredited online MBA  will help you transform your team and company. Through our remote-first program you’ll learn the 21st-century competencies needed to stand out and accelerate your career.

12 - 18 months
Learners bring 180 ECTS from a previous degree program (ie Bachelors).
Scholarship apply
Early-bird tuition credit
Income share agreements
Learners bring 210 ECTS from previous degree program (ie Bachelors & Masters).
Scholarships not available
Early-bird not available
Income share agreements
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences
(State-Recognized University)
Max. 30 learners
Part-time/ Full-time / 100% Online
90 ECTS from €14.850*
60 ECTS from €10.500*
*before reductions
We accept credits from other universities and programs. Save on tuition, transfer your credits to ToU.

90 ECTS scholarships

We offer four different scholarship opportunities with different criteria for applying. Receive up to a €3.000 grant. We offer scholarships depending on merit, need, and professional background. Please find the one that best fits your background and apply now.
Learners pursuing the 90 ECTS path are required to have a background of 180 ECTS from a Bachelor's Degree. For this program we have the following scholarships, which are also compatible with our Early-Bird tuition reduction.
Important: Only 4 scholarships will be awarded per intake across scholarship types, these are granted on a first come first serve basis.
Scholarship amount: €3.000
Sustainability Impact Scholarship

This scholarship is for individuals who have a strong passion for sustainability and are committed to driving environmental and social change in their respective organizations and industries through responsible business leadership. It's designed to support MBA candidates who aim to become sustainability champions in their careers.

Scholarship amount: €3.000
Innovation Leader Scholarship

Geared towards individuals with a demonstrated track record of innovative thinking and acting as well as an a desire to transform industries. This scholarship encourages creative thinkers and problem solvers to pursue their ideas and turn them into reality. Special emphasis is given to applicants who are already making an impact and leading an organization from within.

Future learners who are already making an impact and leading an organization from within. Tell us about it and how an MBA with us could help you further your transformation.

Scholarship amount: €3.000
Career Transition Scholarship

Open to applicants from non-business related disciplines, this scholarship aims to bridge the gap between technical expertise and leadership proficiency. It is designed for individuals from diverse academic and industry backgrounds who are eager to accelerate their careers by acquiring essential management skills and business acumen.

Scholarship amount: €3.000
Global Diversity Scholarship

This scholarship supports ToUs goal to create a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable study environment. Eligible individuals include but are not limited to applicants of various social origins, ethnic origins or nationalities, ages, genders or gender-neutral identities, physical + mental abilities, religions, worldviews, sexual orientations, and rural communities. Individuals interested.

Impact MBA

Guided & supported by industry experts

Speaker sessions, sponsored projects and networking opportunities with industry experts, disruptors, and leaders .....

Tom Sadowski
Former Head of App Store DACH
Jag Singh
Managing Director Techstars
Verena Pausder
Entrepreneur & Founder HABA Digital
Lubomila Jordanova
Co-Founder Greentech Alliance & PlanA.Earth
Ali Mahlodji
Founder Whatchado &, Keynote Speaker
Paul Harwood
Former Market Research Lead Twitter
Christian Kroll
CEO & Founder Ecosia
Jasmine Sanders
Entrepreneur and two times RoboCup World Champion
Caroline Harth
Entrepreneur & Founder of Harth Communications

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