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The world is not on track to achieve gender equality - but we are!

Vinley Orutwa

“According to the UN, it will take 140 years to achieve equal representation in leadership in the workplace.”  

In many cases, the academic world, especially in STEM fields, has been dominated by men. However, Tomorrow University is proud to challenge these norms. Our faculty leadership is predominantly female, setting new standards in academia.

Our program director for MBA, head of Learning and leaders in AI & Tech are not only admirable researchers and experts but also leading in their respective fields. They significantly contribute to Tomorrow University's mission of creating a diverse and impactful academic environment.

Understanding their stories shows that they are at the forefront of innovation, leadership, and positive change. It's essential to note that SDG 5 is not just a goal for us but the foundation for all other SDGs. By promoting gender equality and empowering women in academia, we are fostering positive change within our institution and contributing to global progress.

Meet Five Academic Leads and learn about their Mission

These inspiring women contribute to the university's mission of fostering a diverse and impactful academic environment. Let's celebrate the achievements of these women and recognize the pivotal role of SDG 5 in creating a more equitable and sustainable world.

Dr. Maren Ingrid Kropfeld - Professor for Sustainability & Entrepreneurship and Program Director Impact MBA

Mission: Enhancing Living Conditions for All Humans within a Healthy Ecosystem

Dr. Kropfeld, a sustainability expert with a Ph.D. in Sustainable Business Model Development, inspires and connects people to advance long-term sustainable impact. Her research focuses on sufficiency-oriented and regenerative business models, reflecting her commitment to creating a sustainable impact through cooperation.

“As an advocate for both sustainability and entrepreneurship, I firmly believe that representation is crucial for women in leadership: it fosters a sense of possibility and inspires others to chase their ambitions. However, true success lies not just in following someone else’s path, but in discovering your own unique voice and pursuing what ignites your passion. Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination, so find mentors who inspire you, learn from their experiences, and don’t be afraid to forge your own path. This way, we live in a future where leadership reflects diverse tapestry of our world.” - Maren, ToU

Read more about her research here.

Connect; Dr. Maren's LinkedIn

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Prof. Ana-Maria Olteteanu - Program Director of Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Technologies
Personal Mission: Improving Human Well-being through Tech and AI Literacy, Innovation, and Products

Prof. Olteteanu, at the intersection of artificial intelligence and cognitive science, is dedicated to making AI human-centric and focused on human well-being. Her expertise in AI models and cognitive systems positions her as a thought leader, contributing significantly to AI's positive impact on society.

Read more about her research  
Connect; Prof. Ana-Maria's LinkedIn

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Kathrin Koester - Professor for Responsible Leadership
Personal Mission: Guiding Others to Be Themselves and Creating a Better Tomorrow

Kathrin, a high-energy leadership 'Add-Wisor,' (adding wisdom) combines her expertise in organizational transformation with a passion for consciousness research. As a a pioneer at the forefront of consciousness and founder of organizations like The Joy Academy, she navigates leaders, teams, and organizations towards alignment and joyful collaboration in times of disruptive change.

Read more about her here.  
Connect; Kathrin's LinkedIn| The Joy Academy | Köster + Partner

Selina Sinning - Guest Lecturer for Behavioral Economics
Personal Mission: Applying Behavioral Science Insights to Promote Socio-ecological Transformation

Selina, a behavioral scientist and founder of Sustainacy, is passionate about creating sustainable change by understanding human behavior. Her expertise in sustainable behavior change, circular economy, and effective communication strategy positions her as a key contributor to behavioral science in academia.

“What truly sets feminist leadership apart is the commitment to amplify systemic inequalities, ensuring that EVERY voice is not only heard but also actively engaged. Therefore, I encourage all female leaders – or those aspiring to be – to leverage their unique perspectives as catalysts for change, questioning existing norms. Break down barriers, advocate for inclusivity, and lead with the unwavering conviction that equality is not just a goal but a transformative journey into a better world.”

Connect; Selina's LinkedIn | Sustainacy

Greta Boldrini - Learning Designer
Mission: Creating a Challenge-based Learning Experience for the Change Makers of Tomorrow

Greta's expertise lies in crafting challenges through backward design, utilizing learner feedback for continuous improvement, and contributing to the development of a robust learning framework. Her dedication to challenge-based learning aligns with Tomorrow University's commitment to nurturing change-makers.

"Everybody is connected. And any one of their connections could be the start of a network that branches in many directions. If you wait for the right time to make connections, it might never happen, but if you show your face around, talk to people and see enough to give you the confidence that things could work out, then 'one day' might turn into 'tomorrow.’

In the words of Greta Boldrini herself, inspired by Michiko Aoyama's wisdom from an excerpt in "What You Are Looking for Is in the Library”

As I delved into the pages of this book, this quote struck a chord, resonating with the essence of human connection and empowerment. As women, it serves as a poignant reminder to embrace and proudly show our inherent strength, to boldly confront obstacles, and to confidently pursue our aspirations. By actively engaging with others, showcasing our true, incredible worth, and seizing opportunities, we not only do good for ourselves but also contribute to a collective atmosphere of support and inspiration. So to all the women out there, whatever your goal might be, share and care. Because when women support women, when women inspire women, when all women are represented, nothing can stop us, and "one day" could even become "today" 🩷.

Greta's reflection beautifully captures the spirit of empowerment and connection, highlighting the transformative power that lies within each woman's journey.

Connect; Greta's LinkedIn

Celebrating the achievements of these outstanding women, we recognize the crucial role they play in providing leadership, mentorship, and inspiration to our community. Follow their impactful work, insights, and advice on our social media channels as we continue to empower change through education.

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Vinley Orutwa
Vinley Orutwa

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